• Fairyworks can be crafted by anyone using a Pyrotechnic Workbench.
  • Fairywork Powder is sold at [-27, -61] in Bonta and at [-31, 35] in Brakmar.
  • The Pyrotechnic Workbench is located at [-16, -23].
  • The ingredients used will determine the type and colour of the Fairywork.

Making a Fairywork

Fairyworks can be made by anyone at all, no matter what their profession is. No tools are required for making them, either! In fact, all that needs to be done is to gather the necessary resources for making a Fairywork and use them at the Pyrotechnic Workbench in the Imp Village at [-16, -23].

Which resources for which Fairyworks?

Fairyworks come in several sizes (Small, Regular, Large), several types (Regular, Twirling, Crackling, Sprinkling and Whirling) and several colours (Blue, Red, Green and Yellow). These characteristics will determine what kind of visual effects you can expect to burst out of your Fairywork.
No matter what kind of Small Fairywork you wish to make, you're going to need Fairywork Powder. You can buy this powder in Bonta at [-27, -61] or in Brakmar at [-31, 35], for the modest sum of 100 kamas apiece.
The second ingredient is specific to a Fairywork's combination of type and colour. See the list of 20 Small Fairywork recipes below:

  • Small Blue Fairywork: Flax Flower + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Red Fairywork: Hemp Flower + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Green Fairywork: Clover + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Yellow Fairywork: Wheat + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Twirling Blue Fairywork: Blue Larva Skin + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Twirling Red Fairywork: Orange Larva Skin + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Twirling Green Fairywork: Green Larva Skin + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Twirling Yellow Fairywork: Almond Dragoturkey Wing + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Crackling Blue Fairywork: Piece of Indigo Blop + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Crackling Red Fairywork: Piece of Morello Cherry Blop + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Crackling Green Fairywork: Piece of Pippin Blop + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Crackling Yellow Fairywork: Piece of Coco Blop + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Sprinkling Blue Fairywork: Blue Scaraleaf Wing + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Sprinkling Red Fairywork: Red Scaraleaf Wing + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Sprinkling Green Fairywork: Green Scaraleaf Wing + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Sprinkling Yellow Fairywork: White Scaraleaf Wing + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Whirling Blue Fairywork: Blue Scaraleaf Antennae + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Whirling Red Fairywork: Red Scaraleaf Antennae + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Whirling Green Fairywork: Green Scaraleaf Antennae + Fairywork Powder
  • Small Whirling Yellow Fairywork: White Scaraleaf Antennae + Fairywork Powder
If you want a more impressive visual effect, you have to combine your Small Fairyworks with Magical Cure while you're at the Pyrotechnic Workbench to turn them into Fairyworks. And if you want to make things even more exciting, you can combine the Fairywork with an Explosive Capsule to turn it into a Large Fairywork.

You can get Magical Cure from Markets or by fighting against monsters such as Arachnees, Larvae and Moskitos, whereas Explosive Capsules can be obtained by fighting Bwork Magi.

Special Fairyworks

Some Fairyworks go off in a shower of special effects. Recipes below:

  • Tofu Summoning Fairywork: 10 Tofu Feathers + Magical Cure + Fairywork Powder
  • Festive Fairywork: Explosive Capsule + Acorn + Tofu Feathers + Boar Tusk
  • Izterik Fairywork: Gobball Brain + Gobball Blood + Explosive Capsule
Some Fairyworks are even more exclusive and cannot be made so easily. In fact, some of them can only be obtained on rare occasions.
For example, the Heart-shaped Fairywork can only be obtained once a year on St Ballotwine's Day by doing event quests and by fighting Pink Gobballs.

Lastly, Magic Effect Throwers are rare Fairyworks that can recreate the effects of spells cast by characters and creatures of the World of Twelve. The game moderators sometimes give these items to deserving adventurers during special events.

What are fairyworks for? Partying!

With a pile of Fairyworks stocked up in your inventory, all you need to do now is find the ideal map, gather a bunch of your friends and then set off all your Fairyworks at once for the best result.

Put your Fairyworks into your shortcut bar to make using them easier and faster. This way they'll only ever be a mouse click or keyboard shortcut away – then just click on the area of the map where you want to set them off.

You now have all the Fairyworks you need to dazzle everyone at parties in the World of Twelve!