Why subscribe?

You can discover DOFUS and play for free for as long as you like... But if you want to have access to the whole of the World of Twelve, you're going to need a subscription!
Set off on an adventure throughout all game zones, explore all the dungeons, confront all the bosses, equip yourself with the best sets, adopt pets, ride a mount, exceed level 200...

Astrub and Incarnam are just a small part of the World of Twelve!

Why exactly should I subscribe?

Without subscription
Limited access to Astrub zone.
Monsters below level 40 only.
No pets.
Professions limited to level 60.
No access to trade mode.
Able to join a guild, but not create one.
PvP (combat against other players) limited to challenges only.
No access to houses or enclosures outside of Astrub.
Non-priority access to game servers.
Non-priority access to Support.
What's more, by subscribing...
You can receive gifts reserved for subscription holders, take part in events...
I want to subscribe