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The old version of DOFUS, the famous Version 1.29, is now available to all subscribers.
Certain players have a very special affection for Version 1.29 of our game DOFUS. That's why there are two official servers allowing them to rediscover the game as it was almost ten years ago...
But... why?
Firstly, two 1.29 servers - Eratz and Henual - have always persisted. Historically, we kept them so we wouldn't be unfairly disadvantaging our Latin American players, whose computers may not necessarily have been able to keep up with the performances required to enjoy DOFUS 2.0 to the fullest. Now, all of our players can enjoy it simply by subscribing. Secondly, this will show our most dedicated players that we have really, REALLY improved over the years, and that it wasn't better before, just that... it was right at the time.
A trip back in time... ... Who doesn't have a future!?
In fact, this retro version of DOFUS is a bit like trying to revive a Pandawa the morning after Saint Potrick's, so don't expect too much! Since it's a version frozen in time, it forgoes certain services:
  • No support (except in very specific situations)
  • No updates
  • No recurring in-game events, such as Kwismas, Vulkania, and Al Howin (and therefore no one-off events either)
  • Bugs and error messages which have persisted and will continue to do so.
  • But in any case... NOSTALGIA AND FUN!

In a word, this internet re-release is simply a small token for our more nostalgic members who want to wander misty-eyed through the World of Twelve of their younger days. But that's it!

How do you get there?

You need a certified account. More information here. An active subscription to DOFUS. Subscribe! And to install the DOFUS 1.29 client Download Version 1.29! ...and that's all!

If you run into problems or have any questions, please read the FAQ.