The old version of DOFUS, the famous 1.29, reviewed and fixed for you!
Like you, we have a very special affection for Version 1.29 of our game, DOFUS. With DOFUS Retro, available on multiple servers, (re)discover the game as it was at the start, with a few improvements.
Discover the
DOFUS Retro subscription pack!
What if we played the old-fashioned way?
Two 1.29 servers: Eratz and Henual have always been around. Long reserved for players in Latin America, they opened their doors to all our players a few years ago, provided they were subscribers.

DOFUS Retro is the equivalent of an update of 1.29 on these servers and on five new servers: Nabur, Arty, Algathe, Hogmeiser, and Droupik. It's an opportunity to restart an adventure from zero, and advance with all the other players!

DOFUS Retro is a treat from another time for our most nostalgic players, included in any DOFUS 2.0 subscription. It's an exciting challenge for all those who love old-style graphics, farming, difficult but motivating progress, and cooperation!

A Trip Back in Time
Like all games developed "the old-fashioned way", this version was designed as a hermetic box. Therefore, it provides our teams with much less intervention potential. Frozen in time, it offers limited services:
  • Very limited support,
  • Occasional updates, not offering new content but technical improvements,
  • Few in-game events, (Kwismas and a few double XP weekends),
  • Vintage error messages and bugs,
  • And, with all that... GREAT OLD-STYLE GAMING!

In short, putting it (back) online is a gift for our most nostalgic subscribers, those who want to tread the soil of the former World of Twelve, and for new players who want to discover the true challenge of an old-time video game, because back in the old days, it didn't all fall into your lap, n00b.

The "Retro" pack
3-month subscription + the classic pet Pink Dragoone*

*Usable only on the DOFUS Retro servers.
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