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Crafting System. (7 responses) Posted by eXme - 2007-07-07 17:25:43

Ill make an example first. Example: Chafeuse Belt Recipe: * 4 Chafer Bone --- Level 34 * 1 Chafer Lancer leather brief --- Level 44 * 1 Invisible Chafer bone --- Level 23 * 1 Spine --- Level 34 * 1 S...

[Rosal] .-o0*Buying*0o-. Perfect - Near Perfect Earth Kwak set, including earth kwak >60 (1 responses) Posted by SLIkiller - 2007-08-01 04:41:08

Hey everyone, i´ve had a hard time finding a perfect - near perfect earth kwak set, please PM me in game. Thanx a lot and have a good Dofus playing day! ]IGN[ :Elite-Beast edit Ok, thanx everyone, g...