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After LeChouque and Buck Anear, a third buccaneer from the World of Twelve reveals all in this story. Not as famous as the first two, and yet Gourlo the Terrible is just as epic – and comical! And the unique thing about this story is… YOU might be the one who writes the ending!

Celebrate the Me Hearty Party with fanfare! Get on board now for the Piwate Event, an in-game treasure hunt giving you the chance to win over thirty prizes, and remember to come equipped for the occasion: Place yourself under the protection of the Jolly Roger with the new subscription packs, available from today.

Dofus Hyrkul: Smells Like Dofus Event - September 17, 2018

Nobody knows just how many dangers you'll have to face to get your hands on the Ebony Dofus! To keep you in tip-top shape until then, the ninth challenge in the Labors of Hyrkul will give you some "light" training. From September 21 through 23, fight the bosses of the Primordial Dofus quests and rack up points for your server!

Dofus Cursed Pirates Event - September 13, 2018

Vile buccaneers hold 20 Dracolytes hostage! Put an end to their tyranny and try to win one of these ceremonial pets!

There you are again, my buccaneers! The Pirate Skin Contest isn't enough for you? Now you want to try your luck at the chest game? My chest, most importantly! So be it: To open it, you'll have to stake the right number. And believe you me, to find it, it all comes down to cunning and luck…
Wakfu MMORPG Pirate Skin Contest Event - September 10, 2018
Notice to shipwreckers of all kinds: You have until 9:00 a.m. CEST on Monday, September 17 to try and win our loot. To find out where, when, and how, keep reading, you scoundrels…
Dofus The Twelvian job #11 Event - August 31, 2018

Today marks a milestone for the Bureau of Not Very Cold Cases: The investigation into the events at Otomai Bank is closed! Who was the mastermind? Some of you identified him: Buhorado. But was it really a heist? Find out below, along with the winners' names!

The eight championship teams will kick off the hostilities on Sunday, September 2 to qualify for the DOFUS World Series Summer 2018 grand final!