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The double XP weekend isn't even over, and the first event of the year is already here: the Game of Crowns! Before January 20, collect as many Lucky Figurines as you can to earn up to 3 titles, and also keep an eye out: you may get a rare ceremonial item to boot!

Online game Event: Game of Crowns! Event - January 04, 2019

This year for the Thwee Kings Cake season, you'll receive lucky figurines! But they won't just fall into your lap: You'll have to earn them and then exchange them for an honorary title*! How do you earn them? It's a regular Game of Crowns!

Online game Happy New Year! Event - December 31, 2018

Since the sixth Dofus arrived at the end of the year, the adventure continues! The year 2019 will be starting off strong, with a double XP weekend for you to get into the swing of things! We hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for you all. It certainly will be for us because we'll be spending it with you!

Online game Dungeon Rusher #23: Nelween Event - December 24, 2018

Here's a brand new Dungeon Rusher to close out this year full of thrilling adventures! From Friday, December 28 through Monday, December 31, head to Brumen Tinctorias's Laboratory to defeat the Whitish Fang Nelween. Make sure you don't lose your fangs!

A triple dose of challenges for the final trial before the best server of 2018 is crowned! On the program: turkeys, eggnog, and gifts! It's only natural right before Kwismas! The top server will win (among other things) the title chosen by the community through a survey: Hyrkulean Force! Be there from December 21 to 23!

Who will win the ultimate title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve? It's your chance to tell us who your favorites are.

After the 2nd competition, we now have a male and female representative from each class. It's time to decide who best deserves the title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve for the year ahead. The lucky winners will receive an exclusive title, a Kwismas pack, and a ceremonial headgear.

At the conclusion of the first round, all servers are represented by one male and one female character from each class. Now it's time to decide between them! Which will be the most beautiful representatives of their class across all servers? That's what the "Dungeonology" round will reveal, taking place from November 23 through 30.