Dofus #DWS: The Results So Far Event - August 18, 2017

Since it launched on July 30 on the tournament server, the DOFUS World Series has been going strong. Now that we're 12 rounds in, it's a good time to look at current stats and rankings, and also share a few side notes!

Dofus Dungeon Rusher Rewind #3 Event - August 22, 2017

In May, you were able to get up close and personal with the Dragon Pig - again. Those who weren't put off by that can sign up for rewound three, with a creature whose personal hygiene is just as good: the Bworker! Head to his dungeon on August 26th and 27th

Are you in a rush for the DOFUS World Series to start? Discover streams that will get your blood pumping during the qualifiers!

It's time for a new Dungeon Rusher! From Saturday, July 29th to Sunday, July 30th, head to the Mastodon Cemetery, where the Mantiscore is waiting for you. Watch out, because if you go looking for trouble, you'll find it! 

Once more and to our greatest delight, you were many to answer this year's musical invitation! Laughs, tender loving care, and passion: discover right now (and in song, if you will) the winners of this fifth instalment of the Gobbstock Festival!

After a week of signups, we have the list of DOFUS World Series - Summer Edition 2017 participants! Which are your favorites?

Registrations for the DOFUS World Series have started! Contact your friends, form a team, and come participate in the competition! 

Do you like to commentate and have a real passion for PvP? Take part in hosting the DOFUS World Series by broadcasting the qualification phases!