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Dofus Buck Anear Info - September 14, 2018

Elected sexiest pirate of the year by Glamumussel Magazine, Buck Anear knows how to unleash passions. Both adored and feared, his double-edged personality (like his blade) is the subject of much curiosity. Today, he opens up in an exclusive and touching interview about his life as a pirate, which hasn't always been fair winds and following seas…

The very first season of the Kolossium League is starting on September 25. Get ready!

Dofus The LeChouque Fluke Info - September 07, 2018

As Harry Stottel says, "Twelvians are social animals." Thus, they love spending time with their peers, whether playing games of all sorts, feasting, or throwing back a cool drink… or three. Indeed, all this happens regularly – and more often than that on holidays – at the popular Tipsy Mumussel tavern…

Dofus The Leagues of the Kolossium Info - September 18, 2018

The 2.48 DOFUS update is live! You can learn more about its content in this dedicated page

For years, you've been playing for this moment: to know that the Ebony Dofus will be added to the game, and thus being close to achieving the ultimate goal: to reunite the six dragon eggs, guardians of harmony in the World of Twelve. By the year's end, this will be possible! Which certainly warranted a special Gamakna issue devoted to background
Dofus The Twelvian Job #7 Info - August 07, 2018

After the robbery of Otomai's bank, the Bureau of Not Very Cold Cases now has its eye on several suspects. Your investigating has paid off, but one question remains: How do the thieves plan to get off the island? It's time to start theorizing: That's your cue!

As all the diviners in the World of the Twelve have foreseen, the moment has finally come. The Temporis servers will be shut down step by step: You have two months to pack your bags and move on to another server.

Who am I? Where am I going? Will it rain tomorrow? Alas, we won't be answering these questions here… But what we will do is give you a glimpse of what's coming in September, in case you're wondering!