From April 25th to July 31st, join one of the Temporis servers, gather your guild and dominate your competition!

Dofus TEMPORIS SERVER Info - April 16, 2018
You are an experienced player, an accomplished adventurer… Wait! What am I saying? You are a hero! Your noob days when you walked the World of Twelve for the first time are far behind you. But what if the Temporis server was your opportunity to re-live your adventure, with today's experience?

Since last October, to help you reunite with your friends on the mono-account server of your choice, the migration service has been free. This free of charge feature will come to an end on Thursday, April 12th. If you have not done it yet ... enjoy it while you can!

Wakfu the series – season 3, debuts today on Netflix! After exploring the far reaches of the World of Twelve, the Brotherhood of the Tofu is coming to ours. And to celebrate the event, a little surprise awaits you in the shop... 
Dofus Fleaster-O-Fleaster Info - April 05, 2018
Fleaster has come and gone. But you know how Twelvians are… They like to keep the fun going! From April 5 to April 8, try and win a bunch of prizes by participating in our scratch card game Fleaster-O-Fleaster

You will probably have heard about some interesting news from the presence of ToT at Ankama Live; but for those who were not there, we wished to share the main points with you. In short words: get ready to have access to more free content in DOFUS!

Nimaltopia… Remember it… A sanctuary where fauna and flora lived peacefully thanks to Mishell, until poachers showed their ugly faces. For almost a year, Nimaltopia has seen an equally inconspicuous and ruthless struggle. And Mishell still needs help!
Dofus Ask Ankama #4 Info - March 15, 2018

This week in the Ask Ankama #4, [Lorko] Artistic Director, talks about the customization of characters (costumes, class outfits, appearance).