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Dofus 2.49 update on Ankama Live Info - November 16, 2018

Next Tuesday, November 20th, on Ankama Live, discover the first images of the next DOFUS update, with Raven and Korri.

About a year ago, we asked you to complete a survey so we could find out more about what you wanted to see in DOFUS. One revolution around the sun later, it's time to take stock!

Jeu en ligne Darkness is upon us Info - November 06, 2018

The first trailer for December's update is here ! Enjoy

The advantage of a curse is how predictable it is: Every year, on the same day, the same old story starts up again… And on Al Howin, there are plenty of advantages! Other than a few unfortunate victims, most people spend this day ringing their neighbors' doorbells to demand candy! And for you, there's also a new issue of Gamakna to enjoy!
Wakfu MMORPG Al Howin: Event and Pack! Info - October 26, 2018

An inhospitable forest, a boss whose bag of tricks is full of ceremonial items, a showdown where allies become enemies, quests, achievements, and a new pack… Pull a face: You've been "Al Howinned"!

Dofus Reunifying the Dofus Info - October 16, 2018

Update 2.49 in December will mark the in-game arrival of the sixth and last Primordial Dofus: the Ebony Dofus. Here's a little more about what will happen if you manage to obtain all six of these greatly coveted dragon eggs…

After a launch on the AppStore a few weeks ago, Ankama Mobile is releasing its newest mobile game, Cosmobot, on Android! After WAKFU The BrotherhoodNindashDrag’n Boom and Tactile Wars, this ultra-dynamic, one-button mini-game has drones, outer space, gravity… and a super cute mechanic!

Since July 31, many of you have packed up and boarded an interdimensional flight with Temporis airlines, which lead you to new horizons, and new adventures. However, there are still some latecomers who, probably due to lack of time, have not yet left. Hurry! You only have this weekend to pack your bags and board your flight before it's too late!