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Dofus XP Bonus This Weekend! Info - July 19, 2018
This weekend, we have prepared a special bonus for your characters. Just what you need to give you more motivation to do your best during the test of the 12 Labors of Hyrkul!

The fabulous Temporis Server adventure is coming to an end on July 31st. This is the opportunity for us to prepare you for what's going to happen to all your characters!

Pitch, the head of Ankama's Audio team, composed an anthem that defines the musical identity of the Ankama group.

For the World Cup final, and so you can take part in the revelry too, we're offering you gifts all day long on Sunday: a Colour Change Potion with the code BOUFBOWL, and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (CEST), double XP for all!

Join the five teams already qualified for the championship by competing in the qualifiers for the DOFUS World Series – Summer Edition 2018!

This weekend, your visit to the shop could result in an additional gift: the Osamodas Emote! You'll get it free when you purchase any cart worth 9,000 OG or more!

Dofus Departure for Vulkania Info - July 03, 2018
Grozilla and Grasmera have sharpened their teeth, claws, and shells… They've been going round in circles for months, waiting for this moment when, each year, droves of daring adventurers arrive in Vulkania! Your hour of glory will come: Access to Vulkania will be enabled on Tuesday, July 3, with rewards for the survivors…

As of today, a Kama Exchange dedicated to the Heroic server will be set up, for all Kamas' / Ogrines' exchanges between players.