Dofus Spend Some, Scratch More Shop - September 18, 2017

And, yes, we're doing it again! Why not? It's a chance to fill up (on fighting) and now also a chance to scratch (your itch for brambles). Because this time, the Bramble Set will be yours for free when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop

Dofus Harnessing Ogrines Shop - September 14, 2017

Need Ogrines? Take advantage of your shopping trip to get a magnificent harness for your Seemyool! The Unikron Seemyool Harness is being given away for free in packs of 10,000 OG or more!

Dofus Scary-Cool Subscription Packs Shop - September 06, 2017

The time has come to unveil new subscription packs! We're in classic horror and fantasy territory here, offering you spine-tingling gifts!

Dofus Wabbit Haven Bag: Flash Sale! Shop - September 08, 2017

From September 8 to 11, the Wabbit Haven Bag will be on sale in the Shop for a mere 3,500 Ogrines. This vitamin-infused, vitality-full decoration is calling your name and will leave you abounding with energy! 

That's not a sound we're used to hearing from a pack of ogrines. What's going on? Pollution? Climate change in the Krosmoz? We're not exactly sure, but it turns out that the Glub has left its cave to come and hide out in certain packs of ogrines! Now's the time to take advantage!

Dofus Change is -30%! Shop - August 29, 2017

 Vacation… a time to take stock of things, and a desire to change them before the autumn… and to get off on the right foot! It's time to review your life in the World of Twelve, just a little… ok, a lot: all services* are 30% off until Friday, September 1st!

Dofus Free Cube Pet! Shop - August 24, 2017

When DOFUS launched on Steam in the United States and English-speaking Canada, do you remember seeing a strange square pet? Today, the Cube pet's back in the Shop and is yours when you spend at least 9,000 ogrines. Don't miss out on this great offer!

Iops are known for being impish and for thinking about fighting… although "think" may be a strong word. And when they go wild, they unleash the infamous fatal blow! A move their enemies don't recover from. Feel like trying it out? Well, you'll get the Iop Fatal Blow for free when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop!