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Change can sometimes be emotional. Well, this is a good one! With the Emote Mystery Box, get your fill and change into who you want to be! Check it out three extended weekends in a row, with a new item of content each week!

Ankama The Winter Sale Is Here! Shop - January 09, 2019

Hooray, it's winter sale time! That's right, today marks the start of the winter sale in your online DOFUS store and the Ankama Shop. Don't miss out!

Online game Go far with Salar! Shop - December 26, 2018

From the Grougalorasalar-type monster family, you choose Salar! Good pick! This new ceremonial pet is showing up just in time to aid you during the dark days that have befallen the World of Twelve. No questing or combat required: simply choose it for yourself! You can get this pet from the Shop until December 30!

Online game Happy Holidays, Everyone! Shop - December 21, 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, and we wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to give you all a little gift. And, while we're at it, bring back, from December 21 to 25, a subscription plan that you loved!

Online game Pets Every Weekend! Shop - December 14, 2018

In the run-up to Kwismas, a special new Mystery Box is making a showing, or rather several showings. Every weekend until December 31, you've got a date with the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box!

Online game A Painted Shadow… Shop - December 12, 2018

Its slender curve and the cutting edge of its blade reminded him of a female he once knew well. One of the many who had allowed his sinister lineage to be assured. One among many others who was unable to resist his reptilian charms. But also – and above all – the only one who left him with a lasting memory…

Online game Free Ice Dragoturkey Shop - December 10, 2018
From today through December 17, the Ice Dragoturkey harness can be yours with any 9,000-ogrine or more purchase in a single cart. This offer won't leave anyone out in the cold!

A cozy little cocoon, big enough to receive friends around a table for a nice hot meal: That's the Winter Haven Bag! And unlike some adventurers, it's ready to spend the winter indoors, all nice and warm in the store (priced at 3,500 OG). And until December 10, it'll also be all cozied up in packs of 13,000 OG or more!