Dofus Free Robust Set Shop - April 20, 2018
From now through April 23, an offer for the most vigorous adventurers has hit the online store. The Robust Set will be yours for free with every purchase of a pack of 13,000 or more ogrines. Don't miss out!
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From March 16th through March 23rd, if you don't like the color green, then you're going to be green around the gills! (Our writers would like to apologize for using such greenhorn puns, and for all the rest that will shortly follow...) It's that time again, Saint Potrick is here and the leprechauns are toasting – and about to be toast!

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Chocolate packs, flowers, and poems… well, not everyone has the flare of Vikotoru! This year, make the celebration day of love special by giving that special someone, or yourself, the Saint Ballotwine Pack! Available in the shop for €45 from February 9th through March 9th! And that isn't all... As we introduce to you the Love Ticket scratch card game!

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From January 30 to February 2nd, let out a growl to be heard across the World of Twelve with the Rabid emote! Take advantage of this flash sale to buy it from the Shop for 5,000 ogrines. Passing this up will make you furious with yourself!