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His detractors claim that Xelor overdid it with the bamboo milk and that he was about to play with time to tease adventurers. That's not the case! On the contrary, he's going to need their help: To answer his call, you'd better be well equipped! The new subscription packs are here for that very purpose!

Online game Saint Potrick's Coming! Shop - March 14, 2019

For her annual festival from March 14 through 21, the goddess Pandawa is waiting for you in the game… And in the online Ankama Shop where, from March 14 through 17, your purchases will set off a shower of gifts at different thresholds!

Grab a group of adventurers, an annoyed Gobball, and a tub of donut batter. Stir well! You'll know why the Big Wave emote is on sale in the Shop until Sunday, March 10…

Online game The Enutrof and the Dragons Shop - February 28, 2019

The legends of the Krosmoz are fairly clear on this point, even though there are always a few skeptics who ponder the mystery of origin: What came first – the dragon or the egg? But the origin of the new Mystery Box that just hit the shop is perfectly clear and without doubt. Settle in as we tell you the story.

"His name's Ogrest. I drew several portraits, and even made a model," announced the Sram. He spread everything out in front of the woman standing in the shadows. "So?" she replied dryly… But how did this story lead to the creation of the Ogrest pack in the Ankama Shop today?!

Online game A Gladiapack to Unleash Fury Shop - February 21, 2019

Can you hear the crowd? It's clamoring for you. You, the Twelvian who became and adventurer, the adventurer who became a great warrior, the warrior who defied everyone in his way. An extraordinary story… And what could be more glorious than enshrining your status with strength and honor by donning the attributes in the Gladiapack?

An expanded reprint of volumes 15 and 16, volume 8 of the DOFUS Double Manga is available for pre-order in the Ankama Shop! And the cherry on top is: The first 20 buyers will get a signed copy!*

Dofus Friends, RAOKs, and Gifts Shop - February 11, 2019

If by some extraordinary chance, you're only nice one week a year, pick the right week! From February 11 to 17, make friends, help them out, and give them gifts. It is written somewhere in the works of Magus Ax that a good deed never goes unrewarded. This week will prove that twice over!