Wakfu MMORPG Harness Your Basket! Shop - January 18, 2018

Did your dragoturkey ask for an Icy Harness for Kwismas but only get a silly bell collar? Time to make amends! The Icy Harness is free with purchase once your basket reaches a total of 9,000 OG! Take advantage of the offer until January 21.

Wakfu MMORPG Wa Pack in the Shop! Shop - January 08, 2018

During the Thwee Kings Cake season, the Wabbits are kings, quite clearly. But apparently not enough so for the long-toothed leporidae who, just so they're guaranteed to be the center of attention, are burrowing their way into the Shop without warning. Their Trojan horse? The pack with the "wow!" effect: the Wa Pack.

Wakfu MMORPG When Ogrines Wear Pink… Shop - January 11, 2018

The life of a princess isn't all sunshine and roses every day (handing out kamas here and there, avoiding paparazzi, marrying just anyone, staying polite at all times, etc.), but it does have its good points. Try to discover them with the Princess Haven Bag, free in packs of 10,000 OG or more until January 15!

What's that rainbow lighting up your cart? It's the Toucantankerous pet, of course! As soon as your cart's total reaches 9,000 OG, it'll jump inside. It's free! It's Kwismas!

With the arrival of Update 2.45 and the Spell Variants, the Magical Orb is ever more useful. After two weeks of offering the Orb for free, we offer a new, more advantageous orb for all of you who wish to keep testing the new spells to your heart's content.

All three, dear adventurer! Or more exactly, it's the Kwismas Pack, as full as its creator's sack! It's available in the Shop until Monday, January 15. Time to open the gifts below...

Dofus Fatal Blow Mystery Box Shop - December 15, 2017

A Mystery Box straight out of Ingloriom is now available in the shop: the Fatal Blow Mystery Box. Put the perfect finishing touch on any fight by summoning Sacrier, Eniripsa, Feca, and 8 other gods! You can also pick up the Iop Fatal Blow, now back in the shop

Slow and steady wins the race — normally, that's great advice. But once in a while, we all get the urge to speed things up a bit! Starting today, your mount can be set on "autopilot" — in other words, it will take you wherever you want to go on its own, even all the way to the other end of the map! And all it takes is one dose of delicious and nutritious autopilot potion!