Do you want to adopt a pet, but you can't decide on which one? Your torment is over! The Pets Mystery Box is now in the Shop. As luck would have it, it'll choose for you!

"- Say, where did you get that fine harness of yours?
- Why, from the Shop, of course! When you spend 6,000 OG*, they'll give you the Royal Dragoturkey Harness. And if you spend 9,000 OG**, you'll receive the Shell Seemyool Harness! Right up until July 16th!
- Great, I'll go there right away!"

Add a movie star to your team! Popularized by its role in the DOFUS film, the Skrot is ready to lend you a hand! And so too is his brother: the Alabaster Skrot is part of a subscription pack, and is also offered for free in Ogrine packs.

Changing classes isn't something that's just for school! In the World of Twelve, you can even switch from one class to another whenever you want! And it's a great time for it, because until July 3rd, the cost of a class change has been reduced by 30%!

In June, a new wave of subscriptions will be making your heart melt! The Magma Set, Magmatic Emote, and Magma Dragoturkey Harness: the dark lands of Sidimote are in the spotlight! 

Dofus Gobbstock Haven Bag Shop - June 19, 2017
From June 19th through to the 30th, the influence of Atsu the Meridia and her musical ear will give you natural rhythm. And this new Haven Bag will make you want to use it! For the price of 3,500 Ogrines, the Gobbstock Haven Bag is sure to delight you music-loving Twelvians! 

Sophisticated and oh-so-chic, the Kalkaneus Set is a must-have for the summer! Take advantage of this amazing offer: the set is free once your basket reaches a total of 6,000 OG*! 

Has your nickname become a drag? Did you think it was funny when you chose it but now it seems ridiculous? Was it a reference to the love of your life… whom you now cordially despise? In short, you don't like your nickname. Good news: now you can change it!