After a week of signups, we have the list of DOFUS World Series - Summer Edition 2017 participants! Which are your favorites?

Do you want to adopt a pet, but you can't decide on which one? Your torment is over! The Pets Mystery Box is now in the Shop. As luck would have it, it'll choose for you!

Starting next week, the forum that you all know, on which you've surely spent countless hours and evenings, is going to give way to a brand new forum! New functionalities, new interface… we'll explain everything!

"- Say, where did you get that fine harness of yours?
- Why, from the Shop, of course! When you spend 6,000 OG*, they'll give you the Royal Dragoturkey Harness. And if you spend 9,000 OG**, you'll receive the Shell Seemyool Harness! Right up until July 16th!
- Great, I'll go there right away!"

Do you like to commentate and have a real passion for PvP? Take part in hosting the DOFUS World Series by broadcasting the qualification phases!

The wait is finally over! Find all the World of Twelve's pets in a 100% Ankama Tamagotchi: DOFUS Pets is out today on tablet and smartphone!

Add a movie star to your team! Popularized by its role in the DOFUS film, the Skrot is ready to lend you a hand! And so too is his brother: the Alabaster Skrot is part of a subscription pack, and is also offered for free in Ogrine packs.

Nice weather is coming and with it an irrepressible desire to get a change of air. Aaah, its exotic beaches, its mysterious jungle, its creatures ready to devour you: how about taking a trip to that lost world that opens its doors each summer? Vulkania is coming back July 4th, but YOU won't be coming back!