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New subscription packs! Info - December 11, 2019

The least we can say is that the 2.54 update is dreamy! At a time when Twelvians have a hard time distinguishing between dreams and reality, let us turn our attention to more down-to-earth concerns for a moment: subscription packs!

Up until now, all shop items have been on just one page, which you can easily view by scrolling. But now browsing is faster, so you can see items from one page to another. The items appear larger now, and when you hover over an item, the details are displayed.

We regularly conduct maintenance on our game servers to ensure they are running correctly.
While under maintenance, the game server may be unavailable for several hours. Here is an overview of the various existing cases.

Four horsemen emerge from the Eliocalypse and they are about to tell you some home truths… But, uh... who are they, exactly? And why are they so mean? It's time to discover it with a first blood stirring strip dedicated to War!

Soon enough, War, Corruption, Misery, and Servitude shall arise from nowhere (or elsewhere), determined to unveil their 4 truths! The 2.54 DOFUS update will be released on Wednesday, December 11th: that gives you some time to write up your will!

Dofus Cra Class Pack Info - December 05, 2019
From now until December 11, the goddess Cra fires a pack that's sure to hit the bull's eye!

As the final stages of the DOFUS Cup are in full swing, we've increased the cash prize to 10 000€!