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Dofus The Twelvian Job #4 Event - July 17, 2018

Thanks to your insight, an individual suspected of being involved in the robbery of Otomai's Bank has been identified! But what exactly is their part in it? There's no telling for now. You'll have to dip deeper. And while you were investigating, the agents of the FBA came across a new enigma. Follow their instructions to the letter!

It adapts to all situations: The 4 × 7 Subscription includes four weeks of subscription independent from each other to be used whenever you feel like it. It's just what you need to maximize your game time during a vacation, and to make the most out of the subscription advantages while making savings! It is now available until June 23.

Dofus Hyrkul: July's Labors Event - July 16, 2018

Heatstroke in Vulkania! That's where the seventh of the 12 Labors of Hyrkul is taking place. On the program: bosses… and wounds! Defeat Grozilla and Grasmera on your own in their respective dungeons and earn points for your server to aim for the top of the rankings. Come join us from Friday, June 20 to Sunday, July 22!

Dofus The Twelvian Job #3 Event - July 10, 2018

The investigation is making progress! But this is no time to lose focus! Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet, the two renowned agents at the Federal Bureau of Anomalies, still need you. You'll now need to gather as many witness statements as possible to produce a photofit of a presumed perpetrator…

Join the five teams already qualified for the championship by competing in the qualifiers for the DOFUS World Series – Summer Edition 2018!

The DOFUS update 2.47 “The Stubbyobs of the Freezammer Clan” is now available in the game! Discover all its content on the dedicated page and get to watch Dofus Time to learn more about it.

This weekend, your visit to the shop could result in an additional gift: the Osamodas Emote! You'll get it free when you purchase any cart worth 9,000 OG or more!

Wakfu MMORPG The Twelvian Job #2 Event - July 06, 2018

Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet, the two renowned agents at the Federal Bureau of Anomalies, have called on your talents as an investigator of the Twelvians. A dark story of bank robbery at Otomai's bank is indeed wreaking havoc and preventing the pair – already overloaded with not very cold cases – from sleeping soundly.