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Aplicación para facilitar la elección de una combinación de Ídolos

Por zeldarkc - ANTIGUO ABONADO - 14 de Noviembre de 2015 14:52:30


Esta an aplicacion para tu:

Spanish version:
Haz clic aquí

Catala version:
Haz clic aquí

Si tú quiere ayudar para la traducción contacto yo con Ankabox

Traslade el bugs y proponga mejoramientos en inglés o frances aquí:
Haz clic aquí

Buenos dias!

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Gracias por traducir la pagina de los idolos para esta comunidad, recuerde que los moderadores hacen su trabajo de advertir sobre temas en sesiones equivocadas.

No es motivo de discriminación solo porque eres de otra comunidad (y menos sé a que comunidad perteneces).

Igual no se rinda en compartir otras bateas en el futuro XD y no olvidarse de esta comunidad.

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Thank for message (hard to translate, i don't know if i understood all XD)

I am French community.

We will see, if this topic is closed again (I don't know why the first whose because moderator didn't say why), I will put all news on website only, but it's not a good communication for those don't know the site.

I am happy to help you smile

Don't hesitate to report bug, in english if you can, but I got some friends whose speak espagnol dans I could ask them to translate if you don't know english (yeah I write this in english, it's little idiot x) ) tongue 

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escribir mensajes en un español correcto, comprensible y exento de abreviaciones de tipo "lenguaje SMS";


You dont want to translate your post, but want help to translate your app?
Pay someone to do it and cut the drama.

also what is the problem with your bad translated post being closed ?

Make a good one promoting your app and put in "Dofupedia > General" like Dofusfashionista
Or, if your app is good enough , someone will make a tutorial and post in "La Torre de los Búhos Sabios" like Dofusbook

Thanks for your work, but for the forum mods, you are one more user breaking the rules (and they where lenient enougth to close your post untl you get some help , so , again, cut the drama)
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My first subject is in english, a major part of people could understand it.

Pay for that? Seriously? I do just that to help you, Do you see any advert on my website? I do 0€ on it.
I don't want help for the post because when I do new things, I change it, I will not ask help every time. And if someone had send me a translate for the post, I had translate it.

I know they are rules. But when is not a sms langage, just english and you see that not a troll. You could leave it.
(on this topic it's just a big translate, and I know this is shit. But when it's english I am

Why do a tutorial for an application so simplist? Nobody will do that. And Dofusbook or Fashonista is usefull for every kind of player, bcause nobody can survive without stuff. But mine it's for a little part, whose use Idolos.

The major community of Dofus is French, so most application will be devellop in French. If when a French purpose to make it for you too, you say "Get away, you don't speak espagnol. Arrrh, and don't cry, you have to translate you post, pay for that.". Lol?

Your community is so closed if you think like that.

If one day an espagnol make an app. I hope he will do the same of me to try translate it ine all language of Dofus community

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Hola, esta es una comunidad Hispana, por lo que necesitas escribir en español, si tu no manejas el idioma usa un traductor de paginas web.

Muchas aplicaciones están en ingles, si es facil de usar no hace falta traducirla.

El Community Manager de HispaÑia es [Genki], puedes comunicarte por ankabox.

Hello, this is a Hispanic community , so you need to write in Spanish, if you do not handle the language used a translator of web pages .

Many applications are in English , if it is easy to use no need to translate.

The Community Manager of Hispania is [ Genki ], can communicate by ankabox.
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Hi, web translator are very bad like you could see my first message..

I prefer a message like that than a direct closed of the topic, thank you smile

So I will not make any other new here. I will maybe down the cat page and leave only the espagnol one (redirect old /cat to /es).

I wanted a translation because english it's not easy for 9-14 years people and some other. And if I do a /es to translate all items, it's better all page was in spannish

I had try to make the first post f this topic the more understandable, please don't closed it for the future players.

So have nice life

Hope my app help some of you.

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