The Sufokian Abyss:

  • The Sufokian Abyss are now available: they can be accessed from the new Sufokia palace and are aimed at adventurers of level 190 and above.
  • This new area contains new families of monsters, new successes, new dungeons, a new mount to capture and train, new quests, a new ornament, a new Dofus, new harvestable resources and a few surprises.
  • Underwater exploration can be carried out under certain circumstances:
    • Incarnations are forbidden there: they are unequipped when you enter an underwater map.
    • Land-based mounts are not permitted: Dragoturkeys and land-based mounts.
    • Illusions, following characters and pets that cannot go underwater will be invisible, but their effects will still be active.
    • The appearances of non-underwater hats and capes are replaced by the appearance of the underwater Scaphander and Propeller, but their effects will still be active.
    • The characters’ walking and running animations are adapted to the aquatic environment.

Merkator Abyssal Base:

  • The lift that takes you straight to the dungeon can now be accessed without pulling the lever.
  • The lift access criteria has been changed: you must now have completed the “Raising the Grade” quest. Before, you had to have completed the dungeon at least once.
  • The number of groups of monsters per map in the abyssal base has been changed to 2. One group has 1 to 4 monsters and another contains 5 to 8.

Experience and levelling up:



  • When an entity dies while a spell is selected, the line of sight is now cleared correctly, without having to recast the spell.
  • The characters no longer lose their braid, if they have one, during running and walking animations when the mount display option is deactivated.
  • Portals, glyphs, traps, runes and bomb walls are now displayed in transparent mode.
  • Usable Movement Points are correctly displayed after a pull out when a controllable summons is positioned. (Boombot, for example)
  • The option to not display spell animations in battle now replaces the spell casting animation by a simplified animation.
  • Deactivated states are no longer displayed until they are active again. In some cases, the invulnerable states of some monsters may still be displayed while they were temporarily deactivated.
  • The carry over unused seconds message is now correctly conjugated in the singular.
  • The end of fight screen is now displayed even when the fight ends in the preparation phase.
  • In a fight, enchantments that inflict a varied amount of damages now display the correct damages according to the spell’s current level.  These are the enchantments created by the Trident, Rekop and Poisoned Arrow spells, for example.
  • Spells that distribute damages suffered in the form of damages or health no longer take into account any triggered effects. This corrects the abnormal interactions between spells such as the Eniripsa’s Vampiric Word spell or the Iop’s Poutch spell and the triggered effects of spells like the Sacrier’s Fury.
  • The preview for the Greed spell no longer abnormally displays a teleportation when used against a Bubotron.

Preview of damages and actions:

  • Previewing the Eniripsa’s Air-type spell damage is working correctly. It is no longer displayed if the spell’s target regains all their health and is carried out around the Eniripsa and not the target, as happened previously.
  • Damage previews are correctly displayed when the target is killed before the effects are triggered for them.


  • The inventory search now takes into account the content of soul stones, rather than simply their name.
  • The offline sales log interface now always opens in the “unsold” tab if you access it via the link in the discussion channels.
  • The offline sales log interface correctly displays all items sold, and not just those from the chosen link, as happened previously.
  • The guild interface now always opens on the “perceptor” tab if you access it via the link in the discussion channels.
  • A loading indicator has been added during the uploading of the end of fight results screen capture.
  • In the character creation interface, the Enter shortcut no longer has any effect when the choice of class is displayed.
  • During the disassociation of an item with a ceremonial item, when the item appears in the shortcut bar, its appearance is now updated.
  • In the bestiary, certain monsters’ health points, including the health points of the summons that depend upon them, is now correct (e.g. the Rogue temple Dopple and its bombs)
  • In the performance options, an option has been added to deactivate the interface animations, such as the AP/MP ones to the right of the central medallion.
  • In Spanish and Portuguese, in the item sheets, the intelligence conditions are correctly displayed.
  • On the characteristics sheet, the experience and energy gauges have been swapped around.
  • In the Haven Bag customisation interface, the visible theme selection menu works correctly if grouping the elements by theme is activated.
  • In the item shortcut list, it is no longer possible to press shift + click on custom sets of idol sets.
  • In the additional interface buttons list, the empty space after the thirteenth button has been removed.
  • In the tooltips and item sheets showing theoretical item rolls with variable penalties, the potential range of the penalty is now displayed in an increasing manner (“-2 to -1” instead of “-1 to 2”, for example)
  • In the social interface, the interface opening shortcut for the community challenges is displayed by hovering over the tab that opens it.
  • The number of winners displayed for a community challenge is no longer limited. In some cases, there may be more winners than the maximum number of winners authorised. For example, if 20 people take a challenge that only has 10 places, if all 20 succeed, only the first 10 will share the prize pot, but the last 10 will nevertheless get their stake back and have the challenge marked as succeeded.
  • In the list of community challenges, the guild and alliance name search has been added.
  • In the list of community challenges, the “Show only valid challenges” check box now has an explanatory tooltip when you hover over it.
  • In the list of community challenges, successfully completed challenges are now displayed in green.
  • In the list of community challenges, it is now possible to hide challenges that no longer appear in the valid challenges list.
  • The list of community challenges is now sorted in decreasing order of the prize pot by default.
  • When signing up for a community challenge, a confirmation window has been added if the challenge has a cost to register.
  • Upon the creation of a community challenge, it is now possible to set the duration and deadline before launch in hours.
  • In the guild and alliance interface, the community challenges reserved to the specific guild or alliance are now displayed as a button that opens the list of challenges in question.

World map and mini-map:

  • The way in which places of interest are displayed has been reviewed to improve legibility. If there are several places of interest on the same map, only one is displayed and the number of additional places is indicated.
  • When hovering over a place of interest, all of those on the same map are now shown in list form. Furthermore, the sub-area’s information appears at the top right of the global map of the world.


  • It is now possible to get alitons in exchange for dragoturkey certificates. Aligned characters that meet the conditions have access to a workshop for this purpose, located in front of the bank at the breeder village.
  • It is no longer possible to protect yourself against the loss of honour points in an alignment battle by connecting to another server during combat.

Guilds and alliances:

  • It is once again possible to save clickable links in guild notices.
  • Now, just like the guilds, the alliances can set an alliance notice.
  • In the features options, two new options can be used to deactivate guild and alliance notices.
  • It is now possible to configure a guild bulletin and an alliance bulletin using a new tab in the guild and alliance interfaces that allows you to set a text message that is longer than a guild or alliance notice, and that will also last longer. Only the leader and their right-hand men can modify a guild bulletin. Only guild leaders can modify an alliance bulletin.
  • In the guild and alliance notices, the special characters are now correctly displayed.
  • In the guild and alliance notices, the time of the last modification has been added. 
  • In the guild interface, a member’s guild rights may now be validated using the Enter key and be closed using the Escape key.
  • Adding a module to a prism via advanced item transfers is no longer likely to result in the loss of the module. This could happen if the addition of the module actually turned out to be impossible.
  • It is no longer possible to remove modules from a weakened prism.


  • When an Eniripsa is resuscitated, its Coney’s relaunch interval is correctly updated.
  • The effects of the Word of Silence spell can no longer be disenchanted.
  • The Dopple’s characteristics at level 6 have been corrected.


  • The Gravitational Glyph spell can no longer be cast during the first game turn.


  • The Boombot spell can no longer be cast during the first game turn.


  • When a Harpooner is killed, if another Harpooner is summoned during the following turn, it correctly attacks the targets already affected by the first Harpooner.


  • New quests are available in Sufokia! Polly Perkin needs help from a seasoned warrior to visit the bay’s waters. If you agree to play bodyguard, you will unlock three series of quests that will lead you into the depths.
  • Interference in Amakna quest: the description of the letter from Steward San Lavalss to Amayiro has been corrected.
  • Star ski and Dutch quest: the name of the skis has been corrected so that they correspond to the new planks of wood requested by the NPC Juss Tafinger, clues have been added to the dialogue of the NPCs who may be interested in purchasing the skis, Francky’s dialogues have been improved to make it possible to take the skis quest without completing the Handygirl quest.
  • A new achievement has been added to the Quests category: In Quest of Perfection. To get the Perfectionist title, you need to finish 1,200 Quests.
  • Lesson in Humility quest: Kruella Troeshus now summons a rank 1 gobball, and her summoning range is now 1.


  • The weight of fish has increased to 2 pods, with the exception of the Contest Snapper.
  • New profession resources are available to harvest: 
    • Fisherman: Limpet
    • Miner: Sea foam
    • Farmer: Quisnoa
    • Lumberjack: Mahogasea
    • Alchemist: Salikronia
  • In Smithmagic, the weight of the Vitality malus is correctly half of that of the Vitality bonus.


  • A new mount species can be captured and bred: the Seemyool.
  • A new breeding setting is used for the Seemyools: genetic collisions.
    • The closer the families of a Seemyool’s parents are, the more genetic collisions there are which reduces the maximum number of matings for a Seemyool.
    • The number of Seemyool matings varies from 1 to 4.
  • In the breeding interface, a new type of filter is available: the species filter.
  • In the breeding interface, ability, species and colour filters are now grouped and coloured.
  • In the breeding interface, the second and third filter no longer contains the ability, species or colour filters if there is only one of them.
  • The Honourable Dragomaster, Respectable Dragomaster, and Imposing Dragomaster ornaments are modified: the horseshoe icon is replaced with a Dragoturkey.

Haven Bags:

  • A player who has entered their Haven Bag from an instantiated area (e.g. Incarnam), comes back to the same instance when they leave their Haven Bag.


  • Achievements that require you to successfully complete Vulkania’s dungeons with a specific idol score have been added. A new ornament is available on Vulkania for those who complete these achievements in addition to those that already exist.
  • Achievements that require you to successfully complete the Al Howin and Kwismas Island dungeons have been added. They can be completed once this content becomes available again.
  • In the Divine Dimension, when a monster appears in a wave of monsters (after the first game turn), it is now invulnerable as long as it hasn’t played a full game turn and suffers a 25% penalty to its total vitality until the end of the battle.


  • You can now get the following sets directly by fighting monsters:
    • Gobball Set
    • Prespic Set
    • Arachnee Set
    • Piwi set (blue, red, purple, green, yellow, pink)
    • Mush Mush Set
    • Moskito Set
    • Country Set
    • Boar Set
    • Adventurer Set
    • Soul Set
  • The Groogler’s favourite area is also Moon Tree, LeChouque’s Boat and the Kanniball Village.
  • The Turkocape's reselling price is now 100 kamas.


  • Harnesses can be equipped on mounts to change their appearance.
  • To equip one, you must drag and drop the icon to the mount in the inventory (the mount must be equipped).
  • To remove one, you must right click on the mount icon in the inventory.
  • Harnessing also changes the colour of the equipped mount. You can return it to its original colour by right-clicking on it in the inventory. 
  • Five Harnesses are available in game: the ones for Bonta and for Brakmar can be obtained in exchange for alitons, while the Foggernaut Seemyool Harness can be crafted by Handymen.
  • Harnesses cannot be equipped on “special” mounts, the Armoured Dragoturkey and the Feathered Dragoturkey.
  • A new category is available in pets' markets for the Harnesses.


  • It is now possible to modify your equipment when you are sent into combat in the Kolossium from your Haven Bag.


  • Some blocks used in the Goultarminator map backgrounds have been replaced by smaller blocks in order to improve legibility during fights.
  • Fights won using summons are no longer counted during the speed test against Goultard.


  • Trying to make a group of monsters appear (using a Bwak egg, for example) on a map that does not authorise it now results in the appearance of an error message.
  • When an aura is activated on a character facing forwards, there may have been a slight problem with the animation when he begins to move. This issue has been fixed.
  • On maps with aggressive monsters, entry into battle once again takes place upon contact with the monster’s area of attack.
  • Characters from unsubscribed accounts are no longer stuck in one place when they try to use an interactive element that takes them to a map reserved for subscribers.
  • Characters no longer run on the spot if they try to move right after using an interactive element.
  • When a character is being created, the automatic server choice now gives priority to the player’s community servers.
  • Updates no longer resize the game window to its default setting.
  • A problem causing a drop in performance if there are characters at the top of the screen has been fixed.
  • The /whois command also displays the name of the target’s server.
  • Following feedback from some players, certain spelling corrections have been made to the game text.
  • Graphical effects on the maps (spell animations, click animations, etc) no longer go in front of the backgrounds if the transparency isn't activated.
  • It is no longer possible to exit a map that doesn't authorize teleportation by joining a Perceptor defense.