Currently in Beta!

Ohwymi - Chapter I

A new expansion of desert and arid countries await: separated in two chapters, Ohwymi Island is waiting for the most curious of you, ready to offer some... spicy exploration!

The first part welcomes adventurers level 70 to 130 with two new monster families and two associated dungeons, two new wanted posters, new equipments, new quests, and new achievements to unlock.

Between the sandy dunes and the arid lands, don't hesitate to make a halt in one the island's saloons, to have a drink while you read the Devblog article dedicated to Ohwymi!


Elemental Dofus quest

After trekking all over the World of Twelve, looking for its precious Dofus, Meriana wants you to take part in a brand new adventure revolving around the four Elemental Dofus...

Equip your Ochre, Emerald, Crimson, and Turquoise Dofus in order to start this adventure, and attempt to complete your equipment collection with the mythical Dofusteuse, as well as a brand-new level 200 hat!


Interfaces revamp - follow-up

Following the interfaces revamp, we are offering experienced users the possibility to customise their gaming experience thanks to "Interface themes".

For the others, you can find an installation tutorial on the forums.


Smithmagic runes generation

A focus system on smithmagic rune generation appears; it lets the player boost the production of a specific rune depending on their choices before crushing an item.
At the same time, conversion penalties on runes have been removed: Pa and Ra runes thus become more accessible.

Find all the details of the modifications to smithmagic in the dedicated Devblog article.