Update 2.29 will reveal a new system of managing Critical Hits in the game.


We are no longer happy with the current system for several reasons:

  • It created too much of a tier effect: the maximum Critical Hit rate was 1/2 (50%) and the next maximum rate was 1/3 (about 33%). This restricted the emergence of a large diversity of ‘builds’ based on Critical Hits, since it was almost necessary to reach the 1/2 level to make the Critical Hit bonus investment worthwhile. 

  • Critical Hit bonuses had an increasing return: a Critical Hit bonus of +1 could let players go from 1/3 to 1/2 (a considerable gain for a small investment). By contrast, the same bonus had little impact if a spell’s Critical Hit rate was very low (increasing from 1/50 to 1/49, for example). In general, it’s more suitable to use systems whose bonus accumulation has decreasing rather than increasing returns (accumulating more of the same bonus must proportionally have less impact).

  • Some Critical Hit bonuses were pointless: as soon as players had a 1 in 2 chance of landing a Critical Hit, they had limited interest in getting other Critical Hit bonuses.

  • The system was not intuitive: it was difficult to understand the way Agility affected the system, and it was possible for Critical Hit bonuses to have no visible impact on the Critical Hit rate.

So we decided to review this system with several goals in mind:

  • Change the system to make it more straightforward and easier to use.

  • Increase Critical Hit rates in general.

  • Make it possible to exceed a 50% Critical Hit rate, and allow characters who want to do so to specialise in this characteristic.

  • Increase the diversity and viability of builds that invest in Critical Hits without necessarily seeking to maximise them.


Improved Display

The Critical Hit rate will now be displayed as a percentage. Instead of showing ‘1/2’ to indicate that a spell (or weapon) has a 1 in 2 chance of making a Critical Hit, the display will show ‘50%’. The result is exactly the same in both cases: I make a Critical Hit for 1 out of every 2 hits on average.


Review of Base Critical Hit Rates

Base Critical Hit rates correspond to a spell (or weapon)’s chance of making a Critical Hit, without taking into account bonuses linked to equipment or spells.

All base Critical Hit rates for weapons and spells have been reviewed. We have established a link between the old and new Critical Hit rates, to keep a certain amount of consistency: the higher the old Critical Hit rate was, the higher the new rate is. The following formula can be used to calculate the new base Critical Hit rate based on the old rate:

New rate = 55–1/(old rate)

So an old rate of 1/50 would have a new rate as follows:

New rate (%) = 55–1/(1/50), or 5%

The following chart shows the connection between some old and new base Critical Hit rates:

Old rate

Old rate (%)

New rate
















These base rates have been generally increased to make it easier for builds that choose not to specialise in Critical Hits to access the power of Critical Hits, and to reduce the dependence of Critical Hit builds on Critical Hit bonuses on equipment.


Modifications to the Effect of Critical Hit Bonuses

The effect of Critical Hit bonuses on spells and equipment has been changed. From now on, 1 Critical Hit bonus will add an extra 1% chance of making a Critical Hit. So if a spell has a 5% base Critical Hit rate, adding 10 CH will increase the same spell’s Critical Hit rate to 15%. (5 + 10)

In contrast, there will be no noticeable difference on equipment: a Critical Hit bonus of X will become a Critical Hit bonus of X%.

This additive formula lets us offer a system of decreasing rather than increasing returns (the first Critical Hit bonuses a character receives will have proportionally more impact than the last bonuses).


Removal of the Maximum Critical Hit Rate

Previously, it was impossible to exceed a 50% Critical Hit rate. From now on, it will be possible to have Critical Hit rate of over 50% and even to have a 100% Critical Hit rate, if the equipment or spell’s accumulated Critical Hit bonuses allow it.

In contrast, it will not be possible to cause someone else to have less than a 1% chance of making a Critical Hit, if the spell or weapon is able to cause a Critical Hit.

Note: Spell effects that minimize random effects (used notably in the Sram spell ‘Jinx’ ) is not subject to this restriction and still prevents an entity from inflicting Critical Hits.

This modification allows a greater diversity of Critical Hit builds. It will now be possible to orient characters towards builds that are much more specialised in Critical Hits.


Removal of Agility

A character’s Agility level will no longer affect the Critical Hit rate. However, it will not be any more difficult to attain a high Critical Hit rate. The transition from the old to the new system is deliberately generous in order to compensate for the loss of Critical Hits gained through Agility.

We’ve removed the impact of Agility on Critical Hits to diversify the possibilities of developing builds oriented towards Critical Hits that don’t need to use Agility as a main characteristic.


The Turquoise Dofus: 10% Critical Hits

The Turquoise Dofus became a problem for this new system, as it would let characters reach high Critical Hit rates much too easily. A Turquoise Dofus by itself at 20 CH would give a minimum 25% Critical Hit rate on all spells in the game. We have therefore decided to reduce its numerical value so that the Turquoise Dofus’s bonus will be more realistic and balanced in the new system. That’s why we wanted to take advantage of a review on how to obtain it and the addition of the associated quest in order to change its bonus to 10% Critical Hits.

This change may seem excessive, but 10% Critical Hits in the new system constitutes a significant gain, especially considering that Critical Hit rates are no longer restricted to 50%.

In addition, despite this change, characters’ Critical Hit rates will not generally decrease once the new system is implemented.

Characters who had a final Critical Hit rate of 50% will have roughly the same rates with the new system.

This chart shows the final Critical Hit rates in 2.28 and 2.29 for characters who had reached a rate of 1/2 on all their spells:

Old base rate

New base rate

Final CH prob. 2.28

Final CH prob. 2.29













In the worst case scenario, your character will get a 50% Critical Hit rate on average (if you had a 50% Critical Hit rate before), considering that spell and weapon Critical Hit rates have been generally allocated equally.

The change to Turquoise Dofus makes it less necessary for the game modes that are based on Critical Hits and that don’t attempt to reach a 50% Critical Hit rate, but it remains quite powerful and useful for attaining high Critical Hits rates.



I have a Turquoise Dofus. Will my character be less powerful?

No, your character will not be any less powerful and will generally have the same Critical Hit rates, won’t need Agility bonuses, and could potentially exceed a 50% rate of inflicting Critical Hits.


What about spells that give Critical Hit bonuses?

With the new system, these Critical Hit bonuses potentially become more worthwhile. However, the way they are set up right now, they don’t seem to us to be the most suitable. Even though nothing is planned in the immediate future, you should expect spells that give Critical Hit bonuses to be modified in the future.


Why not make a predictable system?

We did a significant amount of research on the subject. But adapting this system to make it predictable gave rise to numerous issues, and we don’t currently have any solutions that solve these issues to our satisfaction.


Couldn’t this make the Turquoise Dofus useless?

We aren’t worried. Having a Turquoise Dofus is still a significant advantage. Its use will change slightly. From now on, it will be potentially worthwhile no matter the builds used, while with the old system it was really only of interest when it let characters reach the 50% Critical Hit rate threshold.


In addition, being able to exceed a 50% Critical Hit rate makes it much more important for characters who want to optimise this characteristic.


Will this modification make Critical Hits less important?

This modification will increase Critical Hit rates in general and will let players unlock new ways of equipping characters, optimising the chances for Critical Hits. The importance of Critical Hits will be similar, as their effects will remain unchanged.


The goal of Critical Resistance was to make Critical Hits less important in the game by allowing an ‘anti-CH’ specialisation. What is the role of Critical Resistance now?

Critical Resistance lets characters who want to do so counter game modes based on Critical Hits. Critical Resistance will have the same role after the rework, allowing players to diversify their characters’ equipment and preventing all players from feeling obligated to use Critical Hits to optimise their character.


The modifications to the Critical Hit system are meant to allow those who want to optimise their Critical Hits to do so, at the same time becoming more vulnerable against characters (or monsters) with Critical Resistance.

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