In version 2.37, we will be making two changes that will have a significant impact on smithmagic rune generation: a focus system to help produce certain runes and removal of the rune conversion penalty.

Encourage the Production of Specific Runes

The following paragraph goes back over some of the explanations from the message:
At the current time, we believe that the methods available to players to help produce certain runes (rather than others) are not sufficient.

Before changes were made to rune generation in 2015, rune production was mainly achieved using specific and very low-level items that could be made and broken on a large scale without gradually decreasing the output. 
Since this system was replaced, players have still been able to choose the items they want to shatter, but it is no longer worthwhile producing identical low-level items and shattering them on a large scale. 
The system itself discourages the destruction of identical items and encourages shattering a greater variety of items, which can potentially undermine the option of trying to produce a specific type of rune (to meet demand). 

Scarcity, price fluctuations and temporary shortages in DOFUS are desirable and make up part of the game's economy, but it is better if players are given the chance to respond and transform shortages into economic opportunities (in the form of businesses and content that will change in value over time). 
We think that it is too difficult to respond to specific rune shortages under the current system: the new focus system should resolve this problem. 

Focus System

The focus system introduced in 2.37 allows players to increase specific rune production to the detriment of other runes. It works as follows:
  • In the interface to shatter items it is possible to choose a rune generation effect (Strength, Intelligence, etc.) that is naturally present (so not using exotic smithmagic) in all the items being shattered.
  • By selecting a focus effect, only runes that match that effect will be generated, but in larger quantities. The "weight" of all the other effects generating runes is converted into a "weight" of the effect selected for the focus, plus a 50% penalty.
  • By default, no effect is selected for the focus (current functioning).
  • If a player adds an item that does not possess the effect matching the focus they previously selected, that focus will be deactivated (return to default setting).
  • The list of effects to select for the focus is filtered dynamically in accordance with the "common" effects that are present in the various items to shatter (e.g. if items to shatter only have the Strength effect in common, then only a focus for Strength will be possible).
For example: 
  • Player wants to shatter:
    • 1 hat with 50 Strength + 50 Intelligence + 100 Vitality
    • 1 cape with 50 Strength + 50 Agility + 100 Vitality
  • The focus system will only offer common effects existing in the two items: Strength and Vitality.
  • If Strength is selected, it will only generate Strength runes for a "weight" equivalent to: 50 + 50 + ((70 + 70) / 2) = 170, since Vitality has a "weight" of 0.20 and we apply a 50% penalty to the "weight" of effects other than Strength.
This focus system lets players manage rune generation and makes it possible to respond to changes in rune demand and supply. It also enriches the rune generation system by giving players a tool to maximize the generation of value and give them greater control over the rune market.  

Removal of the Rune Conversion Penalty

In version 2.36, we reduced the penalty for rune conversion (transforming normal runes into PA runes, then into RA runes).
In version 2.37, we have decided to completely remove this conversion penalty.
Transforming normal runes into PA and RA runes requires 3 runes (as opposed to 6 in version 2.36).
In version 2.36, you had to use 36 normal runes to obtain 1 RA rune.
In version 2.37, you have to use 9 normal runes to obtain 1 RA rune.
We've made these changes to reduce the rune conversion penalty, which penalized the types of rune that are often converted into superior-value runes. 

Longterm Changes

Removing the rune conversion penalty makes it possible to increase converted rune generation; the focus system will make it possible to increase rune generation for the most in-demand runes.
However, the focus system will also make the least in-demand runes more scarce (for which no focus is applied) and generally reduce the number of runes generated in the game (there is a 50% penalty applied when a player uses the focus system).
It is difficult at the current time to foresee the impact this change will have in the long and short term. Widescale use of the focus system by players could create lasting stability in rune supply and demand, or on the contrary could increase the overall price of all runes.
By removing factors that limit smithmagic (minority of extremely expensive and "essential" runes resulting in reduced consumption of other runes at the same time) we could see an increase in the value of runes with currently low demand.
At present, it is not necessary to change (increase or decrease) rune generation (by creating a factor common to all runes). But this could be a envisaged if the changes in 2.37 diminish or increase the overall price of runes dramatically.
This system allows us to adapt to variations in supply and demand; it doesn't seem necessary to specifically increase or reduce the generation of certain runes.  

Q & A


When is it worth using the focus system?

If your items comprise an effect that has a very high rune value and other effects that have a low rune value, it might be worth using the focus system to maximize valuable rune generation to the detriment of low-value runes.   

Is it essential to use the focus system to generate value?

The focus system is a safeguard to meet rune demand and provide new economic opportunities for players. The more it is used the less effective it will be (since if rune supply fulfills demand temporarily, the focus system will probably no longer be useful). Therefore, this is not an essential system for generating runes once the market has become more balanced.   

Why is there a 50% penalty for using the focus system?

The focus system becomes over-productive without the application of a large penalty, and would allow players to generate any rune whenever they want it without having to think twice. The penalty means that using the focus system is not always the best solution. We prefer that you have more pertinent options rather than one option that dominates the others.   

Why can't effects added using "exotic" smithmagic be selected as the focus?

We wanted to protect each item's specific characteristics for a more balanced supply. This means that players can't just use any old item to generate the rune of choice (by first adding the desired effect through "exotic" smithmagic).
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