Barely time to even taste the latest Update and another one is already on the table! On the program: sand as far as the eye can see, scorching heat and more fighting than a cowboy saloon on Friday night. Our graphic artists really let loose! The proof in images...

Today, we are taking you to a mysterious place. Somewhere, that not even the world's greatest scientists fully understand. A shadowy, magical and even bizarre place... where the most fabulous dreams intermingle with the worst nightmares. Welcome to the brain of a graphic artist. An unusual creature with an unbridled and sometimes uncontrollable imagination, a bottomless well of ideas. That's one way of describing our art department* (or AD) with its brave team of DOFUS MMO graphic artists. And bravery is just what is required to bring to life a completely new environment in the World of Twelve:

The Ohwymi Desert

A desert, you say? In the World of Twelve? That's unheard of! And yet, that's just the idea that has been whirring around in their heads for quite a few years. And one day, they knew it was time. It was either now or never! The Ohwymi Desert was born! That's right, when it comes to getting their hands dirty, the graphic artists are always first in line!

Fill up your water bottle and layer on the SPF 50: it's time to take a hard look at the sketches for Ohwymi that are at the heart of the next update.

Cult films and major themes

If there's one place that's not a dried-up wasteland, it's the artists' imaginations! No sooner was the idea mentioned, then a thousand and one other ideas emerged in this vast stretch of golden sand. A thousand glittering stars in their eyes, a horde of marauding ideas attacking the poor artists' brains, inflicting a genuine Elle Poma. How can you possibly choose between Star Wars, Mad Max and Dune for inspiration? But a better question is: Why choose...?

Because once your feet touch down in Ohwymi, it's impossible not to be reminded of Mos Eisley in Star Wars, frantic races in Mad Max and even the arid and inhospitable planet, Arrakis in Dune. It seems like a Tuskan Raider could attack at any time, or worse: a terrifying Shai-Hulud sandworm!

In other words, taking a trip to Ohwymi means taking the risk of being ambushed by a collection of references (and other by-products...) that pay tribute to the great fantasy and science fiction masterpieces of the 20th century. But that's not all! The Port of Ohwymi promises to be a colorful place, with its Sandloons, stage coaches and unwelcoming skeletons. Welcome to an update with all the classic spaghetti western environments, with cowboys, sheriffs and all of the other dirty, rotten things you'd expect. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and the Daltons can't be far off…

For Lorko, Art Director of the DOFUS MMO graphic art team, it was an "old dream" come true.
"The desert is something we had been wanting to do for years. With the scorched maps of Ohwymi, there was a strong desire to totally change the graphic environment of DOFUS. This is where we really had some fun! And wait until you see the rest! "

Race for spices and follow the goldrush


The French name "Saharach" (Ohwymi) is an obvious reference to the Sahara, but has other meanings too.

The name of the zone also takes its name from the strong tasting, precious spice which everybody is after – like the rejuvenating spice in the film Dune. The Castucs and other native creatures boast of its extraordinary powers... Some say that its stimulant properties are so strong that even a small amount is enough for extraordinary feats, like beating Piwi eggs until stiff with your big toe, hulling green beans in record time, and reading the entire Web Stir Encyclopedia with your eyes closed. It is even said that a Sadida once managed to stay awake for more than 3 hours in a row after ingesting some, and that two strangers saw an Iop manage to solve an equation!

These incredible powers have caught the attention of a scientific organization called the Umphialla Corporation. These worldly scholars, who have always denied accusations of contaminating the Frigost whale, have invested heavily in spice crops. If you manage to get your hands on any Ohwymi, it is solely thanks to them!

But spice stocks are dwindling and one day soon, production will grind to a halt... or at least, will take on a new form.

The Castucs have unleashed a war, in which hunting down the famous spice is instinctive, and the Umphialla Corporation must work harder to get its hands on this little treasure of the desert sands.

The Castucs are a threat, but you also need to keep a close eye on the local fauna... Scordions, starving Leopenas, Ourobubbles and Fennex are waiting patiently for you! 
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