Even if you think you've explored every nook and cranny of Frigost, you just might have missed a nation that's been very discreet up until now: the Stubbyobs, represented in this part of the world by the Freezammer clan.


Lurking under Mount Scauldron, the Freezammer clan have until now cast a very small shadow, especially since Djaul cursed Frigost. Recent events, however, seem to have given them reason to make their mark, and their extreme hostility has pushed the Guard of the Day Without End to beg adventurers for help, in the hope of reining in their anger.

Among the Stubbyobs of the Freezammer clan, a few – the Tankanvils – are especially hardy. Specialized in close-quarters protection, they won't hesitate to take the blows for their allies.


There are also the Rokrushers, who can easily hit several enemies at once with their hammers. The Warmonbeers use their axes in surprising ways, making them effective at long range.


Some Stubbyobs ride tame Mastogobs; these Beardrammers are very dangerous in close-combat and use their Mastogobs to move around more rapidly.


The Gobbosses also ride Mastogobblies; they use these mounts to keep at a distance from their opponents while they attack them with their slings.


The head of the clan is the very angry King Dazahk Freezammer. His magical mount makes him especially mobile, and he uses his kingly charisma to motivate and reinvigorate his troops.

But all these warriors have one thing in common: They are quite short on patience, and this can be felt in how they fight. If too much time goes by before they can smash their weapons (or heads) down on something, they get all worked up and become even more dangerous – including to themselves.

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