The event will take place on Friday at 12:00am CDT (17:00 GMT).We hope that you will be ready to stop the 8 machiavellian adventurers.It is told in the memories of Lagherf Hilde that if 8 living beings, all equipped with a tailor's manual and joining their knowledge could make the "Abar Donado" cloak. This Cloak gives strength comparable to a moowolf herd during rutting season to its owner.
If such a cloak was made, it would be a disaster for all the province of Amakna and its inhabitants. It is clear that the guild seeking to get this cloak has no peaceful intentions.All the Amaknians, Bontarian and Brakmarian are asked to protect and keep a watch on the tailor building (2,2).As far as we know, this group is really powerful and can resist to any kind of attack.
This group, created by 7 former mercenaries recruited a eighth tailor in order to respect the prophecy. The latter might be their weak point, because he was not trained to their combat techniques and may act more individually.Come Many!If you want to talk about this event, click here