Due to technical issue, we prefer to delay the release of the upcoming extension.We would like to apologize and wish you understand our concern about it.The DOFUS v1.10 will contain huge improvements:A free version of DOFUS
You will be able to play DOFUS for FREE without time limitation.
All features will be accessible for any registered users in the new village of Astrub.A new tutorial
It will take place in the new village of Astrub and will help you to handle DOFUS.More than 70 new quests and a Quest diary
The quest log will let you what to do, what you are doing and what to do next.New places for selling and buying
Now, you will be able to access in just few clicks to some kind of supermarket where you will be able to see all goods sold by others players. It will help you to compare items prices.It's only a summary of what's coming next. Stay tune!