We are concerned about the swear words or insulting acount and character names; So we have proceeded to a big .cleaning up operation.. This operation resulted in the banishment of about 400 accounts* today.We have done this massive banishment because we do not accept any kind of insulting, racist or segregative behaviour.Moreover, many members of the community are young and might be offended or shocked by other players. character/account names.It is stated in the charter that when you choose your character or account name, you are asked to be respectful, and rather "role play", that is to say, choosing a role-playing name that is not insulting to the other users.Finally, we reserve the right to banish accounts that are absolutely not "role play", such as "sell_blades_click_here" or "my_characters_mule". These names are allowed for the moment, but we strongly advise you to not use them.From now, we will be uncompromising. Any player that has chosen an insulting account or character name will be permanently banished or, on our request only, forced to change his/her acount or/and character name.Postscript: The banishment policy applies also to players using bots or programs in the game.The DOFUS Team

  • including the disrespectful account(s) and all related account(s) of the user.