The General Shadye of Brakmar, a most renowned forgemage, was very happy. Two weeks had passed since the labyrinth had been taken over and the young ecaflipy had been kidnapped – everything seemed perfect.The Olympus’Tul no longer existed. Visibly divided and re-divided, the guild had lost its lustre. The elimination of all his enemies had begun and Shadye would soon come to the throne.The General was lost in thoughts, slowly stirring the black and viscous liquid in a golden cup.

  • Let’s see… Two pinches of fairy powder… One leaf of treechnid …
A strange change occurred in the general’s appearance. His gaze became empty, his figure slowly transformed into a more naïve, juvenile one.
  • General!
Shadye startled with fear. When he rose from his seat, he was as before - strong, straight, with eyes of steel.
  • Yes, soldier?
  • We have found the bodies of several men, lying inert on the ground. We fear an attack any minute now.
The general smiled under his dantgoule.
  • The evening could turn out to be interesting then.
A little earlier, a few kilometers north, entrance of the labyrinth. Four or five shadows appear, trembling, indecisive, under the protection of the trees. There are a few members of the “Olympus”, as it seems, one or two members of “Love”, and some others. The entrance of the labyrinth looks menacing, but one of their friends is still held prisoner inside, and he is about to die.
  • Nobody heeeellllps me eveeeeer! Repeated Sharansk for the 8th time that day.
There was no echo. Sharansk had tried to free Ombrelle by herself a few hours ago… in vain.
They held a brief council, and then the bravest entered the labyrinth.
Further, stronger…
  • Lose them, just like the other. They have no map of the labyrinth. Force them to take different paths, and when they are alone… paf.
  • « PAF » ?
  • Yes, “Paf”. Execution!
  • Err… Yes, Sir.
The battles seemed to last for hours. Shadye’s guards were everywhere, blocking all exits. Without any healer of the team to come and help them, the adventurers were feeding on bread, bread, and sometimes bread. And also of bread but that is less publicized.

Finally, after numerous adventures, and numerous deaths, they arrived at the antechamber of Dark Vlad… where Shadye was waiting for them, goguenard, a twig in his mouth, the Dangtoule slanting to the side in a naughty fashion. The adventurers were scared and cold; they had been fighting for over 5 hours.The fight against Shadye was epic. He seemed to conjure up bloodthirsty dolls (when a doll bites it hurts, for sure…Yes, yes.) from the void, and was hitting fiercely with his magic hammer…Escaping into the Vlad’s room, the General ended up alone… The fight seemed to last for hours. The general, weakened, stuck, had to run away. The reign of Brakmar over the labyrinth was over.
Ombrelle was freed, after an intense mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by a certain Sram whose name is not mentioned, and of whom Sharansk appeared to disapprove. And everything ended well.Except…In a Brakmar office, kilometers in the south-west… The general Shadye was bandaging his wounds. A mean flame glowed in his eyes, like a fire ravaging a destitute neighborhood on a hot day. He had a mean look, yeah, of the type “if I meet an angel in a 5 mile radius I will send it back to Bonta in a sushi shape faster than Pizza-Hut”. His hand was closing on his neck in spasms, trying to cling onto an amulet that was not here anymore. His vengeance would to be terrible. 50 miles from there, a butterfly had a heart attack.All this was really helping the business of Miss Draco, as she was busy brooding her dofus all day long. Her main political enemy was temporarily K.O… Nothing prevented her from governing the world. She burst into a melodramatic laugh which would have freaked out even a hardened B-category film director. She was soon to become the strongest, the best, the unique… Then Daddy would stop treating her like a baby.She flew her cape in the air in an overly ample gesture, and then she walked resolutely towards the darkness, tripped, and fell on her face with a shriek of pain.To be continued...