Today at 14:30 DUT*, the connection (Login) server won't be available for about 15 minutes. During this time, it will be impossible to log on the server RUSHU (already logged in players won't be disconnected).The new server Djaul will be started at the same time and should be available before the end of the day.Comments:
The server Djaul is a new server which will work exactly like Rushu or Jiva, that is to say independently.It has been created because the Jiva server is full.
So Djaul server has been created primarily for French players and most of the players on this server will speak French.However, if you wish, it is possible for you to create a new character on Djaul. *To know the DOFUS Universal Time: in game, click on the compass/picture (under your "health points"), then click on "clock".This screen capture shows how to proceed:
Video 1 190kb, (divx)
Video 2 360kb, (works with Windows Media player)