You dreamt of having a wild DOFUS Monster at home? Your dream comes to life.
The miniatures of DOFUS are now available at the DOFUS Shop. They are now waiting for you!!

The Wa Wabbit
The Wa Wabbit is the kingof the Wabbits. Keeper of the wand, the cloak and the Cwown, he likes the adventurer.s juice with few Cawwot slices.
>>> Adopt a Wa WabbitThe Crackler
The Crackler is a moody creature. He can stay several years without moving, even a brow. However, he can wake up at any time and blow the head of the first adventurer walk to close to him. But even if nobody accepts his behaviour, no one has ever dared to cast the first stone on him.
>>> Adopt a CracklerThe Treechnid
The Treechnid is a harmful creature, half-tree, and half-spider. He likes to eat foolhardy adventurers after having crushed or put them to sleep.
>>> Adopt a TreechnidThe miniatures can be painted with acrylic paint* quite easily (depends on how skilled you are with a brush^^).
We will give you some tips to paint like an artist without staining your shirt, hands or even your desk! *You can find acrylic pain in specialized shops such as model shops...The dofus shop: