We remind you that Ankama Studio fights actively account/items stealers and scammers.Every item or Kamas transfer is recorded in our database. Thus we can find all the necessary information on possible scams and find exactly what was moved from an account to another.In the event of account or item robbery, we do our best to punish the responsible and banish him/her permanently.
Remark: within the last 3 months, more than 210 accounts have been permanently banished by Ankama for account/item stealing attempts. About a hundred of them were Full member. As full member, you are not more allowed than others to scam other players.Large amount of time is allocated to cleaning up the game of such bad players. It means that we can spend less time on improving and upgrading the game...Finally, we do not give any item or Kama back except if we are partly/fully responsible of the problem. It is your concern to take care of your account and never give your password to anybody.More information have been added to the security rules thread. You should read them carefully and follow the instructions.