The next update will be available on Tuesday, 20th December. This minor update will be done as a first taste of the coming Major Update of Dofus (in few months).The primary goal of this update (the one of 20th December) is to revalue the "drop" of item on monsters in order to increase the stakes of combats. Indeed, ten or so sets for beginners and intermediate players will be available. They will be dropped by monsters.
Professions (i.e. tailor, jeweller, cobbler...) won't be outdone by these sets, as they will become also "craftable" at the time of the major update of Dofus.Some new areas around Astrub will be opened and new monsters too.
These new areas will a preview of some of the new background landscapes of Dofus that will be added for the major update.Finally, the map of the game will be updated and the market places located in Bonta and Brakmar will be displayed on it.