Our sole concern is to provide you with the best. That is why the portal ANKAMA GAMES will release soon.
This site-portal will allow you discovering all the games Ankama offers (DOFUS and Dofus Arena) and will offer soon.
But above all, it will permit to have only one account for every Ankama games. The portal will also centralize all the data concerning registration, support and subscription.Effect on your accounts:
1- You will have to create an Ankama Games account. Your current account name will become a .display name. only and you won.t use it to log in anymore and you will have to choose a new username (never displayed to other users)
2- Security level will be increased:
You will have 4 security .keys.:
- Ankama Games username
- Ankama Games password
- Your email address
- A secret question and its answer
In order to retrieve on of the keys, you.ll need to provide the 3 others.
3- Learn more about Ankama Games portal and account here ^^.Agenda:
The portal will be online next week. So from next week, management of your DOFUS account will be done through Ankama Games.
The support, forum and all other elements of DOFUS will be integrated into Ankama Games.The Ankama Games Team