You have now to log on DOFUS with your new Ankama Games login details. This modification has been done to increase the level of security of your accounts.Several players faced some problem to convert their Dofus account into Ankama Games account.
You will find all the information you need to make everything clear below.
1st issue: You don't have converted your DOFUS account into Ankama Games account.
  • 1) go to the activation page on the Ankama Games website.
  • 2) Enter your DOFUS username and password.
  • 3) Follow the instruction carefully

WARNING: you have to provide a valid email address

Once you will have done that, you will be able to (and you will have to) log on DOFUS (and all other games such as Dofus Arena...) and the forums with your new Ankama Games ID

Note that your new username is unique, confidential, cannot be change and above all, cannot be retrieved! So remember it.

Link to the page:

2nd issue: You have created a new Ankama Games account but did not follow the instructions above.

In order to convert your current DOFUS account (including full membership, characters...) into an Ankama Games account, you have to start over and follow the instructions above.

Direct link to convert a DOFUS account into an Ankama Games account:

3rd issue: You have followed the instructions to convert your DOFUS account into an Ankama Games account, but you still have a problem.

We have fixed the problem and you can now play DOFUS. If you still have a problem, do not hesitate to contact the support team:

NB: We are conscious of the inconvenience and apologize for it. We are working on dealing with the problem of each player as quick as possible. We will do our best to find solutions to the problem caused by this huge modification of our system.

NB2: Please, don't use AOL email addresses. Indeed, this internet services provider blocks most of the mails coming from us.
This is a big problem when you request your password or need assistance (we do not want to spam your mailbox)