Further to the numerous feedbacks from the community, we decided to change our technique to avoid the banking frauds that we are victim of.

We are aware that our first solution (to cancel the free pet exchange) did not satisfy you. To be honest, we didn’t like it either and it could be interpreted as a step backwards or too strict a restriction for the honest players.

We first made this decision as we are more and more subject to banking fraud. Law obliges us to reimburse the persons responsible for these frauds. These persons abuse the system to sell either in-game or for real, the free gifts we set up to reward OUR honest players, who trust us and subscribe.

These banking frauds really harm our company since considerable amounts are debited from our accounts without any notice and these amounts are normally part of our sales figure. These frauds consequently devaluate the value of the free gifts we offer to our subscribers.
As we reached a critical point, we had to find a solution as quickly as possible.

We do not wish to penalize our honest faithful players, but you must understand that the only effective way we have to struggle against these frauds is to modify the in-game system. We still actively struggle against these banking frauds outside the game, launching legal proceedings against the persons responsible for frauds. But though we have the law for us, it’s too late! The game and its players have already been hurt.

We really want you to understand that such modifications on the gift system are also to protect our players from in-game cons. Indeed, the unscrupulous persons responsible for frauds can do you, for example selling pets they obtained thanks to banking frauds.

We are still listening to you and what you have to say. That’s why we decided to find alternative solutions to please you. They won’t be as effective against banking frauds and won’t penalize our community as much.

We decided to make the exchange possible again. The only restriction being that you will have to wait two months before being able to exchange your free pet.

To make it clear, you will have to keep the free gift you got when subscribing during 2 months before you can exchange it.
These pets will be credited to the account owner. The latter will be able to exchange it only via one of the character available on his account, using a bank system.

You will be able to leave your pet at the Bow Kennel, but the Bow Kennel Certificates will be associated to the owner for the first two months.

After the two months, the pets can be exchanged normally with all the players.

Pets offered before this update are not concerned by these modifications and you can still exchange them.
If you won a pet thanks to the gift system before this update, you won’t have to wait two months before you can exchange it.

Pets currently concerned by these modifications are:

• Mini Wa
• Willy Peninzias
• Mini Mino
• Croum
• Dragoone
• Ghast

We hope that this delay will stop frauds.
Depending on the results of these new modifications, we might have to change the minimum exchange delay again up to three or four months….or we could also change it the other way around, to one month for instance, may the frauds decrease considerably.

These modifications will be applied as from the update on 25/07/06 or on 01/08/06 depending on the progress of our tests.
Obviously, we will let you know the exact date of this update as soon as possible.