Further to the numerous feedbacks from the community, we decided to change our technique to avoid the banking frauds that we are victim of.

A new client version of Dofus (version 1.14.1) is now available and can be downloaded here.
You don’t have to download this version. It is completely optional. You can keep on playing with the client version 1.14.0 of Dofus.
However, if you keep on using the client version 1.14.0 of Dofus, you must empty the game cache via the game option menu. Indeed, this will force the downloading of the new version of the language file which considerably reduces the number of disconnections.

As you probably noticed, we have been experiencing considerable technical problems with DOFUS.The whole team sincerely apologizes for all the inconvenience created to most of you. But be assured, that we are currently doing our best to make you forget this bad time. First, we will offer you 3 days of subscription further to these difficulties. On top of these 3 days, other compensations will be given out when every single problem will be definitely fixed.Regarding the disconnections, we can’t find any excuses and understand your anger. But no matter where these disconnection problems originate from, our only goal is to have you play without having to undergo them.

Game servers will be shut down and updated as from 10:30 am GMT+1.The Sacrier spells 'Transposition' and 'Cooperation' have been corrected.The Sram spell 'Double' has been corrected. Connection servers will also be updated during the day in order to reduce the frequency of the disconnections. These servers will be shut down only for a few minutes and won't disturb the running of the game.We are currently working on solving the disconnection problems you encounter while playing.We are also currently working on new compensations further to the unusual game conditions players are facing since our last update.We will keep on informing you on the next modifications that we will make and on the compensations we will have prepared.

Jeu en ligne New Version 1.14 of Dofus Info - 11 de Julio de 2006

Today, Tuesday 11/07/06, a new Dofus client version will be available.
This update will improve your playing conditions, solve the major disconnection problems and connection difficulties that players experience during rush hours on the game servers.Our game servers will be shut down for the whole length of the maintenance (which will start around 10:00 am GMT+1 and will last several hours from then on). This will enable us to set up a new database server which will reduce connection times to the game servers.
The new Dofus Client can be downloaded during this maintenance.
A complete list of the modifications made in this update is available here.

The Rushu server will be replaced by a new one during the maintenance that will take place on 11/07/06 as from 10:00 am GMT+1.This maintenance and this server change will last several hours.Once the new server will be online, experience gained on the Rushu server will be doubled for a whole week.

Jeu en ligne Rushu server unavailable Info - 08 de Julio de 2006

For technical reasons (hardware failure), the Rushu server is temporarily unavailable.
We're currently working on it, and we apologize for this problem.
Thank you for your comprehension.

After DOFUS and Dofus-Arena, it's time for Ankama Games to be spotlighted during this show which will take place July, the 12th.

For us to perfectly meet your expectations concerning the content of our updates and extensions, we would like to have your opinion about what you think we should consider as prioritary for our next updates and extensions of Dofus. You can also discuss this matter on our forums in this topic.

Jeu en ligne Servers Maintenance on 04/07/06 Info - 03 de Julio de 2006

On 04/07/06 the game servers will be shut down between 9:00 am and 10:00 am GMT+1.We will shut down the game servers to let our hoster replace some of the network equipment with a better one.

Since all connection and disconnection problems faced by our players, we have decided to keep you informed of all modifications that we're planning to do.The list of all these changes can be consulted here.

Jeu en ligne 23/06/06 Jiva Reboot Info - 23 de Junio de 2006

A new database server will be installed this afternoon for Jiva, to diminish the overload supported by the other servers.This new server should improve connection and identification delays for all game servers.The Jiva server will thus be shut down between 4:00 and 5:OO PM GMT+1, the time for us to transfer Jiva's database.Another database server should be installed in a week or two.

Jeu en ligne 23/06/06 Maintenance Info - 22 de Junio de 2006

Our hoster will proceed to a brief shutdown of its network service on the 23/06/06, between 6:00 and 7:15 GMT+1 (5:00-6:15 DUT).Our game servers will thus be shut down from 5:45 to 7:15 GMT+1 on this day.

Jeu en ligne New Dofus extension in July ! Info - 20 de Junio de 2006

You've been waiting for them since months, here they are, finally!
Dofus' next extension, which will be released in July, will enable you to hunt, capture, and breed Dragoturkeys.You'll discover the new breeders' village to learn their methods and knowledge.After having correctly tamed your mounts, you'll have benefits, such as make them carry your stuff, fight on their side and run through Amakna at high speed!(For more details, you may consult this post in the annoucements).

Jeu en ligne Problems with memberships pets Info - 15 de Junio de 2006

Since a week, some players have faced problems getting their gift pets. It seems that sometimes, the data gets lost between the connection server and our game servers,resulting in losing the deserved pet. We're currently trying to find a solution, and will do our best to fix it soon, and automatically give back any pet lost due to this. There is no need to get in touch with the helpdesk for the moment. However, if after the automated give-back you still didn't receive your pet, then feel free to contact us at , and we'll manage each case.

For those of you, who actually play the English version of Dofus-Arena, nothing changes but the language of the User Interface and the names of some spells, items and skills. For the other ones the whole team of Ankama-Games can only say: "Be welcome"! Try out this fascinating symbiosis between a tactical Online-Videogame and a trading card game and become a member of the ever growing community of fans.
Then you will also have the possibility to post on the Dofus-Arena Forum messages about your in-game experiences, ask questions, report bugs and give all kind of feed-back to the game developers.

Jeu en ligne Phone calls to Ankama Info - 15 de Junio de 2006

Since a few weeks, phone calls to Ankama have been more and more frequent.We wish to remind you that our phone line is only used, and has to be used for professionnal issues, and not as any vocal helpdesk.Our helpdesk is available online at .Players that will continue calling the Ankama society by phone to solve problems that should be fixed via our online helpdesk, will now be definitively bannished from our games. We also wish to remind you that in no case, the contact e-mail has to be used to report problems. Any e-mail, concerning the support, sent to one of our e-mails, is deleted without being read.

Jeu en ligne 13/06/06 Maintenance Info - 13 de Junio de 2006

An important maintenance is taking place today, during which all our database architecture is being modified.This is part of our efforts in upgrading game conditions, such as less lags, easier and faster access to servers, and quick characters changes.We apologize for all reboots that may occur following this update, and will try to do our best to fix the situation as soon as possible.

The first part of the Dofus community webpage is available in German now. In addition, the German version of the Forum has opened its doors to visitors now. Don't hesitate to come by and to write new posts about Dofus, ask questions or make a few suggestions for improvement...

Jeu en ligne Accounts and security Info - 22 de Mayo de 2006
Jeu en ligne Accounts and security. Info - 10 de Mayo de 2006

Since a few weeks, many sites and "blogs" have been offering cheatcodes or tips for players to obtain kamas, items or levels. Please be careful, no code exists in Dofus, nor anyway to obtain items or levels.These sites are the product of some malicious persons, who are willing to steal our players' accounts and/or items.
We do not encourage such acts, and players having advertised these sites will be severly punished. Also, players who will have visited and tried to use these sites won't get any support if they ever had problems.We encourage our players to read the security rules concerning accounts, as well as Dofus' Terms and Conditions, and the main subject concerning this on the official board.