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Par heroo-perso - ABONNÉ - 11 Juin 2019 - 19:38:40 i already had 1184og before buying the  2800og , ilyzaelle server, he/she asked me to give him the >gave him/her the name of my account, he said that the problem is fixed  >told him/her that i didn't receive what i suppose to get, and i didn't get any refund, back then i already bought a subscribtion for 7 days and now i have 84og left, he/she told me that i don't have ogrines because i bought a subscribtion for 7days(well that's obv lol but what does it have to do with the 2800og that i didn't get?)(he/she puts the problem as fixed)  (incase he/she doesn't know math)

note: used translate to contact them, don't blame me for the mistakes in the screenshots.
>i'm just talking about the quality of the support team not the kamas because i already that people will just say "it's just 490.000Kamas, what's the difference", i'm just talking about the quality of the support team.
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i recommand you to use the english forum, you can find it right there

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Are you used to the place market ?
If not, maybe you have created an offer than does not get any buyer yet. When you create an offer, you loose your kamas instantly but you do not get any Ogrine before someone buy your offer. Check if you have an offer in progress, if yes you would be able to cancel it and retrieve your kamas.

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it wasn't an offer but i got my kamas refunded, thx for the respond.

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