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[CR ~ Temporis] Récupération de l'arme Bontarienne

Par [Maux-Jypcien] - MAÎTRE DU JEU - 08 Septembre 2019 - 13:42:07

Attaque de convoi – Récupération de l'arme Bontarienne

Vous découvrez un rapport militaire Brâkmarien. Celui-ci semble concerner l'attaque de convoi qui a eu lieu le 29 fraouctor dans les plaines de Cania.

Merci aux 140 joueurs de Temporis pour avoir participé à cette animation. Bravo aux Brâkmariens pour avoir remporté 10 millions de kamas !
Sur une idée commune de Maux-Jypicien et Miti-Jay.
Merci à Drokkalfar pour la modération.


English version

Crack-Noises Report

Recovery of the Bontarian weapon

The 29th of frauguctor, our spies from the Putride Eye learned that the Bontarians were planning to transport a special weapon from Minotoror island to their city. However, our important and glorious maritime blockade forced them to dock on Cania Bay to continue by land route.

This was a good opportunity to avenge the death of Commander Kass-Tou and to offer an advantage to Brakmar. So I ordered our soldiers to attack the convoy and recover all the precious goods. The Bontarians were quickly defeated and the driver was forced to follow us to Brakmar.

Once the cart was close enough to our outposts, I went there to slaughter the poor people who were trying to get it back.
This is an absolute victory! The treasure was distributed to our warriors and the weapon was carried to Brakmar.

Long live Brakmar!
Long live evil!

Thanks to the 140 Temporis players for their participation in this event.. Congratulations to the Brakmarians for winning 10 million kamas!
On a common idea of Maux-Jypicien and Miti-Jay, DOFUS's Eventmasters.
Thanks to Drokkalfar for the moderation.

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