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My Items that were not Exchangeable Have Not Returned to my bank!

Par Otodies 31 Décembre 2015 - 03:26:38


I died yesterday on my level 88 sacrier when I was attacked and ganged by 4 people. Everything my sacrier had except for 3 items, was unexchangeable. This was a royal gaurd set, a pig set (I'm not sure of exact name) and a ring that I had receieved from the lottery. I also had the thing most precious to me the Astrub Knight. I had got it through achievement points so it was unexchangeable too. Not a single item has been returned to my bank. Does anyone know what has gone wrong?

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non-exchangeable items don't return to the bank anymore when you die, they are deleted

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This is normal and your post is not in the good place to speak about that. Here you must speak about corporations.

I lock.
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