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[Shadow] English Community

Par Countrygirl3 - ABONNÉ - 09 Avril 2017 - 02:20:35

Hello All! And Welcome to the English Community Recruitment Thread! If you are here you are probably either An English Player looking to join a English speaking guild on the vast multi-language server! If so than you found the right place!

English community is currently the largest English speaking guild on shadow with 116 members! We currently are quite helpful and talkative as well as all really awesome. We offer a wide variety of professions for free to guildies!

General Information.

1.) Level 53.
2.) 116 Members.
3.) Alliance ODIN.

If you would like to join leave a message here of contact Roseclaw!

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Here it's Oto Mustam, the heroic server. The server Shadow, it's here : Cliquez ici

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merci le scram minotokorno du forum

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