In this devblog, you'll find all the content about the DOFUS Retro - 1.34update

Tournament Mode

Players have been asking us for quite some time to take a look at finding a way to organize a PvP tournament. The PvP community is very active on Retro and of great importance to us: indeed, after overcoming so many challenges and optimizing your character, facing off against other players is an infinite source of interest.

In this update, we have added some new mechanics with you specifically in mind. Starting December 9, Goultard himself will welcome you on his usual map and invite you back to his iconic arenas, although, only if he's in a good mood. Thus, you'll have the chance to step foot onto "Goultarminator" and "Game World," as well. These two special maps each allow you access to 6 sub-areas with different themes and distinct placement compositions. There are 2 maps with 8 placements, 5 maps with 6 placements and 7 maps with 12 placements.

Since Goultard will be supervising, you will need to obey the following rules:

  • Aggression is strictly forbidden on his maps. This way, you can organize your matches in peace.
  • All shields can be equipped without alignment requirements. However, don't get too excited, as soon as you leave the arena, they are automatically removed.
  • During placement, enemies are hidden and only revealed once combat starts.

Lastly, as a token of his infinite generosity, Goultard has summoned some training Poutches. It's likely he thought you would want to train with these new rules even when not in tournament mode.


Polykromes are here! A rather insistent and well-known Astrubian tailor has convinced an illustrious magician to create a collection of iconic headgear so that they match the color of the person who wears them. As a result, at least twenty hats have been reworked to allow this feature. For this occasion, the color-change interface has been upgraded, so now you can see your equipment in real time, as well as your current mount. To your paintbrushes!

Note, however, that although this headgear doesn't give you any characteristics, they do require the same level requirements as the original headgear: a Solomonk Polykrome requires level 120. We don't want to see level 1 characters with high-level headgear, and that's also the reason they aren't living items.

You'll be able to find them in the shop very soon, however some will only be available in game in certain dungeons.

Sram patches:

In DOFUS Retro, we didn't tinker with the different classes or their spells to maintain their traditional flavor. However, some players brought some technical issues with Sram spells to our attention, which we have addressed in this update. We must, however, forewarn you that we did not want the Sram to be exactly identical to its current version, particularly with regard to the so-called "trap network" technique. So, don't be surprised if some DOFUS techniques don't apply to DOFUS Retro or if they aren't fixed.

We'll get to the point. These are the issues we resolved:

  • An issue preventing the combat from ending correctly when the last monster is pushed into a trap killing it has been fixed.
  • It was possible to stack several characters/monsters on the same cell if two entities were pushed by repelling traps onto the same destination cell at the same time.
  • Under specific conditions, it was possible to make an enemy Sram lose invisibility a turn early. This has now been fixed.
  • Attempting to place a trap on the same cell as another trap consumed the recast interval of the trap cast without successfully casting it. For example, for mass traps, immobilizing traps, silence traps, etc. This has now been fixed.
  • If two stacked repelling traps were triggered and sent the target in two different directions, the target would take the damage from the two traps on the last two cells, but it would only go in one direction, and then it would teleport onto the other final cell at the end of the turn in question. This problem stemmed from the fact that it was impossible for the game to correctly stack the two repelling traps.
  • Having fixed this, what happens now is the following: any traps on the path of at least two stacked repelling traps' pushing source will explode during the movement but will not be counted. However, the movement will not be canceled. Only the traps on the final cell will be counted and used to initiate a new surge. A damage-inflicting trap can be placed voluntarily on the movement to create reactions in advance.
  • Any traps on the path of a repelling trap's pushing source will block the target during its surge, as it would with the "Fear" spell.

Here is a picture of what this looks like:

The second stack of traps is unnoticed, and the Sram is on the red cell.

The second stack of traps is valid and initiates a new surge. The Sram is on the red cell and counts all the damage traps.

An example of a network mixing isolated and combined repelling traps where all the traps are counted

PvP Perceptor Adjustment

In order to upgrade PvP between guilds and leave room for anthology combats, we changed the restriction on defenders during perceptor attacks. Indeed, until now, only two players from a guild could come to the centaur's aid in a dungeon, which didn't leave much chance for victory against a team of eight. The limit is now seven defenders plus the perceptor, like on the outside.

We also increased the initial preparation time from 25 to 35 seconds to allow defenders more time to organize before they enter combat.

We are aware that the system in place allowed for guilds to do dungeons in shifts, but we thought that grouping together and uniting against a common enemy is more enriching from a game community perspective than a combat the outcome of which is a foregone conclusion.

Complete Changelog

Graphical Fixes:

  • The Tormentators artwork now displays correctly in the combat information panel.
  • The Border of Feudala and Feudala Village are correctly delineated on the world map.
  • Artwork for different classes didn't display the correct colors in the turn-start illustration (e.g. the horse tail of the male Feca).
  • The Prince of Wa transformation no longer turns invisible at certain angles.
  • When the female Sadida eats bread, her hair no longer passes through her headgear.

Remastered-Only Fixes:

  • The Elite Chafer monster had some animations unconverted to 40 FPS.
  • The animation of the Summoning Branch spell "Apple of the Forest" made big rings appear on impact.
  • The Kimbo monster animations have been improved, particularly when it dies.
  • The resolution of the graphics is now higher in many areas, particularly in Koolich Dungeon, Wa Wabbit's Castle, Astrub, Bonta, Cania Plains, Brakmar, Sufokia, and on Otomai Island.

Ergonomics and Improvements:

  • To celebrate the arrival of the tournament mode in game, Goultard's NPC design was revised to resemble the appearance during the Goultarminator.
  • The right-click shortcuts on the 64-bit version are now also available on the 32-bit version.
  • The Tynril family is now color coded, allowing the four of them to be more easily distinguished.
  • The "Duel" challenge artwork has been revised in order to distinguish it from the "To Each His Pwn" challenge, which also used the same artwork.
  • It is now possible to switch to "Ready" during the movement phase using the same keyboard shortcut as "End Your Turn."
  • When logging on, the IP address is now hidden to protect players from outside attacks, particularly during streaming. A part of the address remains visible, however, to identify unwanted logins.
  • Given the potentially dramatic consequences if taken inadvertently, profession delevelling potions must now be confirmed when taken.
  • Some specific maps now forbid aggression to prevent anti-game practices, unless the character has its wings activated:
    1. The maps where an Elm is growing. Challenging and trading are also forbidden on these specific maps.
    2. The Dark Vlad map
  • It is now possible to leave the Skeleton Dungeon without receiving the "Summoning of Chaferfu" spell by refusing to learn it for the NPC.
  • By holding the CTRL button down and using the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out in your game window as you like.
  • On the character-selection screen, the characters are now filtered based on their last login. The most recent login will appear first.

Non-Combat Fixes

  • Because of the many unintended consequences it caused, harvesting a resource by right-clicking is now deactivated.
  • The bug allowing you to attack a group of monsters by clicking anywhere on the map while holding the "Z" shortcut and right clicking has been fixed.
  • NPC Becky Stein would mistakenly give an "undefined" quest. The quest has been deactivated.
  • By right-clicking during a harvest, it was possible to log off when attacked by a monster from the Resource Protectors family.
  • A player with ill intentions could make the "Seeing" NPC believe that the Dark Vlad monster had reappeared by using a Bwak Egg on the map in question.
  • A limit to the number of summonable monsters has been added to prevent abuse of the items "Treechorn" and "Cracklerock." The Mini-Wakfu linked to these items has thus been deactivated.

Combat Fixes:

  • The PvP shields granting fixed resistances to earth damage also granted the same value to fixed resistances to air damage. The PvP shields granting fixed resistances to air damage didn't grant anything to the user. These two values have now been fixed.
  • Previewing a movement in combat could move the character onto a harvestable resource when it was the only path to get to it. Confirming this action caused the player to lose 1 repeatable MP.
  • The bonuses given by a dead ally didn't disappear from the effects window, causing confusion about what was active and what wasn't.
  • It was possible to make the glyph of a Feca disappear from view if she was stacked on another. The system now correctly distinguishes the different glyphs.
  • When the chat is active, pressing the "End Your Turn" shortcut key no longer triggers this action.
  • In some instances, the game would generate non-targetable cells until the combat ended.


  • When an item is thrown on the ground and the confirmation window is confirmed by "Enter," the icon is correctly removed from the mouse's cursor.
  • When two messages in the general channel were received at the same time, the time wasn't always displayed correctly.
  • The window's menu bar is now hidden in the 32-bit version, allowing more space for the game window.

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