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  • Doploons can be obtained by completing the Dopple quests in the class temples.
  • Use Doploons to obtain characteristics scrolls, pebbles, and a class spell.
  • Doploons allow you to reset a spell and get back the points you invested in it.

Who are the Dopples?

Dopples are magical creatures associated with each of the classes found in DOFUS. Some of them live in the secluded Dopple Village on the border between the Cania Plains and the Sidimote Moors, but the most important Dopples can be found in the class temples.

A Temple Dopple's level is linked to that of the character facing it in combat. That means you'll always face a Temple Dopple with a similar level to your own. Temple Dopples can only be fought once a day. Battle these Dopples to obtain Doploons and gain a decent chunk of XP in the process.

The locations of the class temples are indicated on the map by the respective icons of the different classes  (example :  )

What's a Doploon?

Doploons are tokens that you obtain when you validate a class temple’s daily quest, which consists of going to kill the Dopple in that temple. After doing so, you can exchange any Doploons you acquire for certain items or services.

See below the number of Doploons you can obtain in each temple each day, as well as the rewards in XP:

per quest
per quest
per quest
per battle
20 1 50 2450 1400
40 2 200 8100 3600
60 3 450 18150 6600
80 5 800 33800 10400
100 6 1250 56250 15000
120 8 1800 86700 20400
140 10 2450 126350 26600
160 12 3200 176400 33600
180 14 4050 238050 41400
200 17 5000 312500 50000

What can Doploons be used for?

Here are the different types of transactions you can make using Doploons:

Learn a special spell: Every class has 20 spells by default. Doploons allow you to learn the 21st spell. These spells are of enormous tactical potential and often very useful in groups!

  • Special spells are available in exchange for 1 Doploon.

Reset a spell: You can fully reset a spell in which you have invested points, but which no longer interests you. The spell will automatically go back to level 1 and you will regain the points you have invested.
  • The amount of Doploons required for resetting a spell changes depending on what your character's level is.

Reset your characteristics (single use): You have the option of getting back the points you have invested in your characteristics (Agility, Strength, etc.) and resetting them to 0. Be careful – this option can only be used once per character: you will have to visit Otomai to reset your characteristics again.
  • Resetting your characteristics costs one Doploon.
Buy characteristics scrolls: You can use these scrolls to improve your characteristics without having to use your base points. There is one type of scroll per characteristic, with four power levels: small scroll (+1 added to the characteristic if it is below 25), scroll (+1 added if below 50), great scroll (+1 if below 80) and powerful scroll (+2 if below 100).
  • Small scrolls are available in exchange for 20 Doploons.
  • Scrolls are available in exchange for 60 Doploons.
  • Great scrolls are available in exchange for 140 Doploons.
  • Powerful scrolls are available in exchange for 340 Doploons.

Obtain pebbles: Amber Pebbles, Smoked Pebbles and Mahogany Pebbles are resources used to craft certain types of equipment. These pebbles can only be obtained by way of fighting Dopples.
  • Amber Pebbles are available in exchange for 10 Doploons.
  • Smoked Pebbles are available in exchange for 100 Doploons.
  • Mahogany Pebbles are available in exchange for 1,000 Doploons.

The ‘An Excessive Baker's Dozen’ quest


You can go on the ‘An Excessive Baker's Dozen’ quest every day. This quest simply consists of going out to kill all the Temple Dopples. If you complete this quest, you will not only receive extra XP in addition to that which you have already obtained from all the Dopples, but you will also get Doploons on top of the ones from the Temple Dopple quests – the same amount again, in fact! This allows players who are capable of defeating all the Temple Dopples to double their Doploon gains.