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Update 2.52, entitled "The Revenge of the Feathered Dragon", will soon be online! While the main focus is on the mysterious Vulbis Dofus, that's not all it includes. Discover what's in store in the following news update and trailer!

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The new update "The Revenge of the Feathered Dragon" will be appearing in-game this July! Here's what's inside:

  • The Vulbis Dofus is now a quest reward
  • The long-awaited arrival of the class rebalancing update in the game
  • Crocuzko Island opens, accompanied by a revamp of the Dreggon areas
  • And a reset of the rules for Kolossium season 4!

Uh... Careful there, you're drooling like a Bwork and it's kind of awkward... Pull yourself together and go check out the trailer already!