After a day full of twists and turns, hopes, and reversals, we're here to debrief you on yesterday's events and the launch of Temporis IV. 

After an unusually long maintenance and technical difficulties getting our systems up and running again, we take a look back at the past 24 hours. 

First, we are absolutely blown away by the number of players and their commitment – both in DOFUS and Temporis IV – so, thank you very much. After 15 years of existence, managing to bring together this many players is an exceptional feat – one that we could not fully anticipate. 

Implementation of an update is always longer than weekly maintenance, but this time – as you probably noticed – the login server also decided to act up. 

After an AnkamaLive pulled together in 10 minutes to keep you updated and answer your questions that was attended by more than 50,000 players (which was also a wild experience), we were able to finish rolling out the update around 4 o'clock our time.  

4:10 p.m.: The system that allows you to log on to the game crashed because of too many players trying to log on. 

We started by adding new servers to withstand the load. 

We spotted a weakness in the database and took advantage of the situation to upgrade it then. This change should have taken 20 minutes, but equipment problems extended the intervention time to one and a half hours.  

6:00 p.m.: We restarted game logons, but it still wasn't entirely fixed. The IT team assessed possible solutions. While they were doing that, the server team optimized server configurations. We cut all non-essential associated services (the shop, certain in-house tools, etc.). We pinpointed the guilty party – the Ankama Launcher was generating too many queries. 

7:30 p.m.: We rolled out new rules to cut off logons via the Launcher. This is why we invited you to logon by running the .exe directly without going through the Launcher. 

8:30 p.m.: Players started logging on little by little, and the load seemed to hold so we re-opened logons via the Launcher. 

9:00 p.m.: New changes were made to get the shop up and running again. 

9:40 p.m.: Finally! We were able to open Temporis IV. It took the combined strength of the entire team in confinement, 20 gallons of coffee (at least), and nerves of steel so that months of work could finally become reality. 

10:40 p.m.: The shop and inter-game chat were reopened. 

11:00 p.m.: The inter-game chat was eating up too many resources, so we decided to turn it off again. 

11:30 p.m.: The system that enables game logons faltered again. We set up new rules so that players could continue to log on. 

2:00 a.m.: The logon server started to falter again. 

During this time (in Veracruz), our community managers were receiving reports of various problems from players. These reports were passed on to the production team, and notably the inability of MacOS users to play (more about that below). 

Late afternoon yesterday, some of our developers began investigating the issues facing MacOS users who remained stuck at 89%. Their investigation lasted well into the night, and we were able to patch a fix that solved a part of the problem this afternoon. 

Some Sram spells ran into a few problems, and this morning we decided to make some of them temporarily unavailable until they could be modified. 

The free migration service between Temporis servers has been available since this morning here: free migration service.

For players on the classic servers (excluding Temporis), the Kolossium has been turned back on. 



As we told you during the Live, it's extremely rare that we would let something like this happen without offering compensation for the unavailability.

So, for that reason, all our players can now enter the code: DOFUSAVRIL2020

This code will give you a 3-day subscription token that you can use whenever you like.
There will be an additional compensation for players on MacOS, who were inable to connect, arriving soon.

We apologize to all our players for the inconvenience. 
Thank you again for all the messages of support we received during this launch. We hope you enjoy Temporis!