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It is time for the Temporis servers! And time for Varkonos to face his destiny… To be or not to be a disciple of Xelor? That is the question. And to answer it, the young adventurer is ready to track down the god of time himself if necessary!

Grinning widely, pumped up by the childish feeling of having gotten away with something, he ran like the wind down the small country paths until greenery had replaced the cobblestones and the singing of Piwis had replaced the hum of the city. Out of breath but amused, Varkonos stopped running when he was sure he was far enough away from the library… and his furious mother!

He sat down and crossed his legs at the foot of a large oak, settled in between two roots, and started reading again, captivated:

[…] Xelor's disciples are "timemages". They control time and movement.1219

At the bottom of the page, a footnote by Magus Ax specified:

1219 While the main, proven characteristic of the god Xelor is mastery of time, the notion of space is all too often forgotten although it is equally important for him.

Let us note that Xelor is considered by many men and women of science and magic to be the presumed creator of the Zaaps. Of course, the technology used in their design does not seem to come from the World of Twelve but from another planet – and what is more this point is used by the opposition to contest their origin – but is that a hindrance for a god of the Krosmoz, particularly when that god is… the god of space-time?… What's that? No one has anything to say to that, huh?!

[…] To define this notion of space-time, many speak of a "Continuum." […]

A cracking sound interrupted Varkonos's reading. He looked around. Nothing… Then a snicker – his little brother, Beral.

"Look up, dummy!"

Varkonos looked up. The eleven-year-old Feca was hanging from a branch by his legs, head down, chewing on a liquorice stick.

"Jeeze, Beral! Did you really have to snitch to mom?"

"I didn't have to… but I was gonna to get stuck with barn duty otherwise!"

"I'm gonna stick you with barn duty, you rat!"

The 16-year-old just barely missed grabbing his younger brother's blond mop of hair. Snickering louder, his little brother climbed even higher in the huge oak tree.

"Come and get me, slug face!"

Hurt, Varkonos cast a slow down spell. It was his first time ever. He didn't even know how he'd managed to cast it, other than maybe because he wished it with all his being. But suddenly, everything was frozen, or nearly. He climbed the imposing tree, staring at the nearly immobile Beral as he went by, and took up a spot on the highest branch. Then, just as suddenly as it had stopped, time started up again.

"Who are you calling 'slug face'?"

Astounded, Beral looked up. The surprise had almost made him fall.

"But… How did you…?"

"Your turn! You catch me!"

Beral didn't seem to want to play anymore. The look in his eyes had changed. He climbed down.

"Hey! Ber-Ber, come back! I was just messing around…"

On solid ground, the young Feca answered:

"I thought you were just trying to get a rise out of our parents… I didn't think you were really one of those weird mages…"

The younger brother ran off. That shook Varkonos up a bit. He climbed down from his perch, realizing for the first time that his decision to change classes might ultimately… change lots of things.

Suddenly, he felt his skin burning all over, like a nasty sunburn. The feeling grew, and he started to get scared – scared enough to jump into the river on the edge of the meadow.


Later, a soaking wet Varkonos shook himself like an Ouginak. He went back to the foot of the large oak and, dripping, stared at the open book on the ground. He hesitated and then finally started reading again, looking for more answers.

[…] Xelor's followers protect their bodies with bandages, so they don't have to suffer the harmful effects of temporal distortions. Their art is dangerous in more than one way. The slightest gap between two bandages could cause a nasty incident; if part of their body is not covered, it won't travel through time at the same speed as the rest of their body! The tiny distraction can be costly, and it is understandable why there are so few exhibitionists among the Xelors. […]


Would Varkonos cover himself in bandages? Would he take that leap? Maybe his little brother was right. Maybe he was doing all this just to pis… annoy his parents? The teen wasn't so sure of himself any more. He'd have to keep thinking about it – learn more and understand it all more. He closed Magus Ax's encyclopedia, thought briefly, then opened it again to a new chapter titled "Case in Point: The Goddess Feca".