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Incarnation exclusive Pets

Por Youlovemesomuchpride#3329 - ASSINANTE - 15 Setembro 2022 - 14:15:08
Incarnations are considered very weak compared to actual classes.
I think it would add fun to dofus retro if there were pets that can only be used while in incarnation form (bandit or tormentor).

Pet stats could be + 1 AP + 1 MP + 1 range + 50% dmg

It would be too strong on normal classes of course, but on incarnations (bandits/tormentor weapons) its not that strong, would make them a bit more fun to play while still being weaker than normal classes, but not horrible to the point people reject me from any group if im using incarnation weapons (WHICH I LOVE SO FUN) xDDD

Another suggestion could be to just do a new bandit incarnation but an incarnation pet like this would make current incarnations maybe close to good enough so people would accept me in groups hahaha
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