The game servers have been updated. Here's a list of the changes made on 3/24/22:

1. Evil Forest 

  • The quest "Head Trip Through the Countryside" is available again.
  • Fixed the quest "Making a Handle" (objective requiring you to go to the Dark Hornbeam Copse).
  • It is again possible to enter the mine in the Evil Forest.
  • Rewards for the various achievements linked to the Gob Akademy dungeon and Hell Mina's dungeon have been fixed.
  • The key to Hell Mina's dungeon has been correctly added to the bunch of keys. 

2. Other

  • It is again possible for characters who are not in a guild to use public paddocks.
  • It is again possible to accept or reject a guild application.
  • The White Rat's resistances are correct when he is in the Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon.
  • Quest "Mind Your Spirits": The conditions for the sacrificial spirit (Ollonai) to spawn have been adjusted to reflect changes in how player characters' health points regenerate.
  • Improved text management in guild/alliance bulletins and announcements.