After the release of the Ogrine Seeker many of you have been seeking more information as to what an Ogrine might be.

It’s time to tell you a little bit more about it!

What are Ogrines?

As explained above-right, Ogrines are points you can use to exchange for subscriptions and services, valid throughout the Ankama universe. Subsequently, and under certain conditions, you will even be able to access MKP.

Of course, this is only a very quick summary. The complete answer is this blog, and only with your help will we be able to properly put it into action.

A blog dedicated to Ogrines

Because it is a project that will cover all Ankama sites and games, we need a dedicated space where we can exchange ideas with you.

A blog has the advantage that it can efficiently build a dialogue with its readers. By commenting after each post, you have the opportunity to influence the debate and the resulting discussion and maybe even the project itself!

As a "Global" project, it is also an opportunity for us to rid ourselves of any design that would be too geared towards Wakfu/DOFUS. However, the URL of the blog will be linked to DOFUS, for that is where the greatest number of users who will see Ogrines first are concentrated.

For convenience, comments will be handled through the DOFUS Forum, which for the occasion will have a new, dedicated section. Do not hesitate to start new discussions there!

This blog is not for everyone, though. Some posts will be quite difficult to understand, either because of their technicality, or because the concepts explained will be quite complex. But we're betting that it will be more interesting like that than if we had much simpler posts aimed at a wider audience.

Who’s going to contribute to this blog?

The majority of posts will be written by Lotomai, the character I have created for the occasion. I am in charge of the project at Ankama at the conceptual level, and also coordinating the teams and ensuring that there is a good understanding of the project internally.
I also look after some of the communication around the project, particularly through this blog, which is one of the open discussions that we want to have with you.

Then, depending on what we are discussing, other Ankama team-members will contribute and provide explanations and advice on the integration of the Ogrines system at their level (Dofus, Dofus Arena, Wakfu, but also Support and Marketing).


You too can be part of the project

Given what is at stake, and given that you will be directly affected, the objective of this blog will be to assure us that you understand the project, what its philosophy is, and what we want to do in the future.

But information flows in both directions, and as development is underway, your comments will be very important. Even if it might not always possible to answer all questions in all communities (because the blog will be translated into English, Spanish and German), all comments will be read.

Beyond the questions and answers that we will have, we hope to encourage dialogue between the communities about this project and everything linked to it.

So, what’s the plan?

A new post will appear once a week. Meanwhile, everything else will happen on the forum and in the comments. I will try to make some mini-posts if there’s hot-off-the-press news.

The next post will address one of the main themes:

Ogrines and subscription: Conversion, transfer, purchase, what will change! 


And until then, I look forward to your first wave of comments!

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