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Today, the Revenge of the Feathered Dragon is about to rain down on the World of Twelve… You won't want to miss this major event, so be sure to renew your subscription! The timing is perfect: the new subscription packs have arrived!

In update 2.52, the truth about the Vulbis Dofus is finally ready to hatch… This dragon's egg, shrouded in mystery, is the subject of a vast number of wild stories and rumors.

For example, legend has it that Tylezia, the egg's creator, has a bottomless stomach that allows her to swallow nearly infinite quantities of food without ever feeling full. That ability has earned her a lot of grotesque nicknames... some of which are seriously not nice at all.  Some even say that before making him her loyal companion, as cute as he may be, she first tried to devour the adorable Lezia. An act of cruelty that sent shivers down the spines of every member of the Rigid Barjo foundation…

Get to know this mysterious character by picking up one of the following subscription packs: